July 11, 2016


Sarah Wallace was playing the 5th hole at Neches Pines early Monday morning with Melba and Gary Gores. What was to happen is rare in the golfing world. Sarah hit her tee shot long and to the right and down into a creek to the right of the green. She unruffled, teed up another ball and hit a great shot right at the flag. When she arrived at the green she could not find her ball, it was not there. Sarah, an eternal optimist and with Gary watching, checked the cup … YIPPEE!!! The second ball landed in the cup. Sarah has NEVER hit a tee shot into the cup on any hole. Obviously she was excited and proud of a rare event in the golfing world. Par, or a hole-in-one, who cares? Sarah Wallace has had and will have many opportunities to play golf because she and Richard have lived next to Neches Pines Golf Course for many years. Monday was a unique experience by her and her playing partners and will be long remembered!

We enjoyed eating and visiting with Mike and Dana Amason last week. Mike grew up in Diboll and is the Flooring Department Manager at Lowes; Dana teaches 4th grade math at Etoile. They had returned that day from vacationing with his children, 12-year-old Michael Ryan and 17-year-old Mikayla. They had been to Lake Conroe at the LaTorretta Resort, Houston, Austin and floated the San Marcus River. Mike and Dana have almost completed their mission to eat at all of the Top 35 Best Burgers from Texas Monthly’s 2009 list. While in Austin they ate their 30th at the Mighty Fine Burger but admitted the Angelina County Airport could easily be in the Top Ten.

Earlier that day at the round table, we had visited with Peanut and Denise Mayo while they were getting new tires put on Denise’s truck. She is a mail carrier in Nacogdoches and Peanut works with Mike Amason at Lowe’s. Peanut and Mike are members of a band that has been playing Blues during Glenn Lenderman’s open mike at The Restoration Bar some Thursday evenings. Mike mentioned that Merrick Roche has played with them and is a very talented guitarist if you can get him to play.

Keith Dover is doing well after getting home from the Philmont Ranch in NM serving as an assistant scout master with troop 136 where his son, Jeffery, is a member. Steve Rayborn is the Scout Master for Troop 136 and Bill Wafer is the Scout Master for Troop 128 from Diboll who also participated in the 12 day Trek (hike). These two troops, each with a total of 11 members, joined 5,000 other scouts for this once in a lifetime adventure. They camped out, carried backpacks that weighed anywhere from 40 to 60 pounds and slept in pup tents. They hiked a total of 121 miles and reached the 12,241’ summit of “Baldy Mountain” and 9,000’ “Tooth of Time” summit. These scouts definitely earned their hiking badge, covering 18 miles one day. They carried prepacked meals for two but all leftovers and anything smellable had to go into “bear” bags; zip lock bags that were suspended in hopes of not attracting a bear. One day a cinnamon bear did come within a short distance of the group but turned and went a different direction. It was a good trip and the boys met other scouts from Hawaii and South Carolina. Keith lost some weight but Jeffery lost 25 pounds.

Cathy Lott from Zavalla stopped by for feed. Her 9-year-old daughter, Valerie, is excited about attending Sewing Camp at Bove Sewing Center and is having fun making a cape for her dog, Josie. Valerie is left handed and fortunate that her teacher, Lostra Burrow, is also left handed. During the school year, Lostra works as an Interventionist for the Diboll school district.

The ladies of the Deer Trace Bible Study group recently completed a study of the book of John. A great study of the life and deity of Jesus. To discuss a future study and for fun and fellowship they went to Mar-Tres Tea Room for lunch. Those going were: Lacy Chandler, the teacher, Dortha Jackson, Linda Miller, Billie Robison and Tellie Williams. Every one enjoyed the food and fellowship. They missed those who couldn’t make it and it was decided to study the book of James next. All ladies of Deer Trace are invited. Call Billie Robison for meeting place.  829-0327.

Bob Davis came in with his 10-year-old grandson Hunter. They had plans to go fishing the next day at Shirley Creek and see if they could do as well as the week before, catching 91 2-3lb. catfish in four hours. With Bob last week and going again were his cousin, Max McCormack, retired Ag teacher from New Summerfield, his brother and sister-in-law, Ron and Theta Davis from Lufkin and of course, Hunter.

I am thankful to Allison Amason for the following news. Parker Amason, along with parents Matt and Allison, celebrated his 17th birthday in Cozumel, Mexico.  They arrived the day of his birthday and were met with a tray of chocolate covered strawberries and a card from their resort.  They enjoyed a week of snorkeling, swimming, and relaxing in hammocks around the island.  One highlight was seeing countless (huge) Great Barracuda, among many other beautiful tropical fish.

Matt had a couple of mishaps early in the trip. He got a bad cut on the bottom of his foot from stepping on a sharp rock hidden in the sand.  He hobbled around the rest of the week!  On day 3, he was stung by something on his back (didn’t see what it was), and Parker had to remove the stinger that was still in his skin.  Around 2:00 A.M., he got really sick and was in bed the entire next day.  While he recuperated, Allison and Parker took the 45 minute ferry ride across to the mainland. They toured the Ancient Mayan Ruins in Tulum, and spotted many (some really big) iguanas who thrive in the hot, dry climate.  Some of the ruins are on high cliffs overlooking gorgeous beaches and water.  From there, they went snorkeling in fresh cool water in mangroves in Akuma.  It was rejuvenating after the extreme heat in Tulum.  After that, they went to Playa del Carmen for amazing shrimp tacos and shrimp cocktails, then enjoyed shopping and watching Mayans in full costume performing dances with the beautiful Caribbean Sea as a background.  When back at their resort, they found Matt still sick in bed.  He got up long enough for the room to be cleaned but by the next day he was feeling well enough to enjoy some beach time.  The next day they rented a jeep and rode all around the island, stopping to snorkel, eat, swim, and relax in hammocks.  It was a wonderful trip that was enjoyed by all.   Upon arriving in Houston and after all the wonderful seafood they had eaten, their first stop was Whataburger!

I received an email from Irma Guerrero and Justin Barley that the Temple Library will be selling enchilada plates THIS FRIDAY (July 15th). Plates are $7 and will include 3 enchiladas, rice, beans, and a bottle of water. This fundraiser will help light the library for Christmas this year, so pass this along to anyone you think might be interested!

Stay cool and come see us…’round the table.