August 29, 2016

RT NEWS August 29, 2016

Diboll Day Fundraising activities are in full swing and the Kick Off Day is not until ??. That’s one thing about Diboll Day, there may be rules but who follows them? I’m sure The Diboll Free Press has a schedule of events but the following announcements were personally delivered to Pouland’s so, here’s what we know.

Sue Baker stopped by to buy honey and gave us some of the activities that will be going on for her granddaughter, JoLynn Baker, “Team Jo”. This weekend, September 3rd from 10:30 AM until they sell out of Ribeye sandwiches in Brookshire’s parking lot, actually in front of the Dollar Store. Everyone is encouraged to come out eat a Ribeye sandwich, chips and drink for $8.

The following weekend, September 10th. Beginning at 10AM at the Temple Civic Center will be a washer pitching tournament. Tickets will be available for sale to win Two nights at Margaretville? Plus gift cards.

is a unique Designer Purse Bingo with the opportunity to win expensive purses. A $30 ticket will entitle you to two bingo cards, games? Etc/ The doors open at 5PM and the games start at 6PM. For tickets and more information, contact Sue Baker at 829-4305. Ladies, this sounds like a fun ladies night out”. Guys, this is an opportunity to win an expensive gift for that special lady in your lift.

Marty Grumbles Harris recently celebrated a “Golden Birthday”.  Her mother (Rose Miranda Grumbles) always told her that if you were lucky, you celebrated two golden birthdays in your lifetime; One when you turn the age of the date you were born and one when you turn the age of the year you born. Marty turned 58 and was born in 1958! Her niece Amber Grumbles also celebrated by turning 30 on the 30th and grandson Braden Minton turned 22 on the 22nd. Marty enjoyed dinner with Tom, Jarrad & Gwen Grumbles and Pam Martinez at Manhattans.  Everyone had an enjoyable time, even when Tom attempted to pay for the meal on the Home Depot card! The waiter took it all in stride.

Tom & Marty recently returned from a vacation to Gold Beach, Oregon. Marty spent some school years there and remains in contact with many of her classmates. The Oregon classmates celebrated their 40th reunion and Marty crashed it, as she has since the 20th. They enjoyed the annual “Fireman’s Breakfast” on Saturday morning. An “all you can eat pancake/egg meal” fundraiser held in the local park by the volunteer fireman. Marty has memories of her dad (Leon Grumbles) standing on HWY 101 directing any and all toward the park for the event.  Tom got attacked by a blackberry bush when he attempted to pick that ultimate blackberry that he just knew was the best on the vine. The weather was fabulous and view from the rental home was awesome.  A big Thank You goes to Billy Wayne and Liela Ray Smith for house sitting while they were gone. It provided peace of mind for a very relaxing trip.

Lionheart Fitness & Martial Arts invites you to GET FIT! Angela Russell stopped by to tell us about A 6 week Fitness Challenge for $60. The program begins September 5th at their gym located at 203 N. Temple Dr. (just north of the Temple Credit Union). There is no membership requirement for this challenge to lose weight and feel great plus receive nutritional information. For more information go to their website


August 22, 2016


A new couple moved to Diboll from Kansas. Phil and Beverly Hall. They are living on Carter Drive and are enjoying being closer to family here. Their daughter and son-in-law is Carrie and Kenny Hibbs. Their granddaughter is Amber and Brad Pesek and their great-great granddaughter is Madelyn Pesek. Beverly Hall’s mom, Louise Spicer, who I think lives in Kansas, has already been to Diboll to visit her family and celebrate her birthday. I am happy to say I met Louise at church and she is an elegant and amazing lady to be celebrating her 98th birthday. I don’t think I mentioned she flew by herself from Kansas to Houston! While here she was able to celebrate her 98th birthday with a cake and singing at First Baptist Church. She also had a big celebration the following Saturday at Kenny and Carrie’s house with FIVE generations present. Louise passed down her beloved guardian angel pen to the youngest generation, Madelyn, to treasure and continue the legacy long after she is gone.

When it was time for Louise to go back home to Kansas, her daughter and son-in-law, Beverly and Phil Hall, and friend, Lacey Chandler, drove her to the airport in Houston. Beverly was allowed to go all the way to the door of the plane to see her mother leave. Phil and Lacey decided to spend the hour and half waiting at Papa’s Seafood. Phil Hall is also an interesting guy and very creative. Since the short time he’s been in Diboll, he spotted a crepe myrtle tree across the street in his neighbor’s yard and with their permission has cut several limbs from it and made walking canes. He was using one that day and had it propped against the table in Papa’s. A gentleman stopped to admire the cane and when he learned that Phil had made it, indicated several times he would be interested in owning one. After the 4th time, Phil said, “Sold”.

What a great surprise to find Lillie Faye (McKinney) and Charles Wisdom sitting at the round table one morning. They live in Weston Lakes near Fulshear and Charles said that Lillie Faye has had a ‘yearning’ to come visit folks in Diboll where she grew up. Her parents were V. B. and Oneta McKinney; Shirley was her sister and Bill, her brother. The evening before, several friends gathered for a meal and enjoyed a wonderful visit. Those present with the Wisdoms included Phyllis (Salmon) and Kenneth Burnett; Kessie and Betty (George) Burchfield; Dee Dee (Camp) Groom; Dale (Harrison) Grantham; Judy (Largent) Carrier; JoAnn (Minton) Grigson and her sister Frances “Pesti” Mayo. Years ago, the Wisdoms with their three young children, Carla, Van and Rose, were missionaries in Guadalajara, Mexico for several years before returning to the US. After a lifetime of pastoring Baptist churches, Charles and Lillie Faye tried to retire until Dr. Ed Young convinced them to become a part of the staff of Second Baptist Church in Houston. Charles is presently the Senior Associate Pastor at the FM1463 location in Fulshear. He teaches at three different locations and they both have a “Second Beginnings” support group on Wednesdays. Charles is also the Chaplain for the Fulshear Police Department. After leaving the round table, they had plans to visit John and Mable (Nivens) Powers and Billie Frank and Martha Pate.

Clawson Baptist Church was one of the first churches where Charles and Lillie Faye served as pastor while he was still attending seminary. One of his members during that time was Thomas Anderson and you can imagine the surprise when Charles saw two books for sale at Pouland’s that were authored by Thomas Franklin Anderson. He bought one of each: Going Fishing, The Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn of Clawson, Texas and the second series, All Grown Up. Fran McGilvra also bought both books.

We had another pleasant surprise last Saturday morning when Sharon (Vanover) Woods came in to visit at the round table. She and her husband John, who is an engineer with Boeing, live in League City. Sharon is retired from her teaching career and loves working in her yard…and shopping. She was in Diboll for the baby shower of her first grandchild, Orion Cariker Vanover whose parents are Jeff and Lisa (McClain) who live in Houston. Daughter, Lindsay Savoile, is beginning her third year as head softball coach at the University of Montevallo in Alabama which is south of Birmingham.

Some folks have a flat and some have THREE. Greg Stephens had flats on all three of their cars. Sherri Anthony spent her lunch hour from First Bank & Trust to have a flat repaired and Ray Paulsley was also in getting a flat repaired.

State Representative, Trent Ashby, enjoyed visiting with several customers when he came in to get his hunting license and visit at the round table. It’s been awhile since Millicent Irish has been in but she came in Saturday to buy peach preserves. The news has been circulating and now confirmed that the Ricky Morris family will be moving to Port Aransas to run an air conditioning business and living on the beach. Good luck to you!

Kevin Swor and Keith Spencer were the first two to get their new hunting and fishing licenses. Some of the others include: Mona and Fox Adams; James Simms; Frank Farrow; C.W. & Ruth Loftin; John Powers; J.R. Williams; Sherrill Fears; Phil & Annette DeLaFosse; Woody Ingram; Melvin Linton, Sr.; Clyde Maxey; Jeff Capps; Barley Lenderman; Mark Hafernick; Trey Denman; John Wallace; Tom Harris; Brian Gowin; Darryl Stanley and Junios Weisinger.

The DHS class of 1983 is having their 33 class reunion on Diboll Day, October 1st at 6PM at J.R.’s Barn in Diboll. It’s $20 per person for a Fajita Dinner and Dessert. Please RSVP by September 15th by sending your money to Andrea (Pouland) Swor at 611 N. Temple Dr., Diboll, TX 75941 or call 936-829-4040 for questions or more information. For updates, go to the Facebook page: Diboll High School Class of ’83.

Don’t forget that J.R.’s Barn is now open for lunch Tuesday through Friday, 11-1:30PM and make great hamburgers, baked potatoes, chicken salad, rib eye sandwiches and Friday only, fried catfish. Go see them, then come see us…’round the table.



August 15, 2016


Trey, Michele, Annabeth, & Ryan Wilkerson just returned from Walt Disney World.  They stayed at the Disney Pop Century resort and spent a total of five days in the various Disney parks.  Once they figured out how to take advantage of Disney’s Fast Pass system to bypass long lines, they were able to fit in everything they wanted to ride, making sure to hit the iconic Disney rides like Small World, the Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups, the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, and Space Mountain.  Ryan and Annabeth loved the roller coasters and other fast rides, so Trey had to ride with them, even though he was sure he was going to die. In addition to the rides, the kids enjoyed meeting Mickey, Donald, and the rest of the Disney characters, and Trey did his best to eat enough to get his money’s worth out of the Disney dining plan.  On the final day they ate lunch at Cinderella’s castle and were visited by a number of Disney princesses during the meal.    They stayed from opening almost until closing each night, and Michele in particular enjoyed the electrical parade and fireworks.

Trey Wilkerson is a Financial Advisor. His company is East Texas Investment Services located at 105 Weber here in Diboll. He sends out an informative monthly letter every month. If you are not on his mailing list you should be. His August letter was entitled “The Wonderful Walt Disney” and told about his many failures and how he persevered and continued to work hard, work long and dream even when told that projects were impossible. From his hospital bed he was working on plans for Disney World that included the Experimental Prototype City of Tomorrow, better known as EPCOT. Disney World opened five years after his death. When you visit Disney World remember, “Failures are not truly failures but lessons that bring us closer to success”.

We truly meet some interesting folks who stop to visit “The Everything Store”. I offered to help a couple that came in and they told me that Donnie Kee had insisted they visit the store and assured them we, or rather John Ralph, could answer anything they wanted to know about this area. Jim and Linda Orcutt recently moved from Minnesota to Fairview into the former home of Richard and Leslie Kenley. They looked in several locations including the Dallas area but decided they loved East Texas because it reminded them of Minnesota. They are very active retirees and have already discovered Live Well. They are both bicyclists. Linda has only ridden up to 40 miles a day but Jim has accomplished 100 miles (a couple circles around the parking lot will exhaust me.) They also enjoy playing “pickle ball” which she described as “old people” tennis.

The Orcutts stopped during the noon hour which happened to be on August 10th, J.R.’s birthday, and Andrea had prepared Ruben sandwiches, banana nut cake with real whipped cream (made from his grandmother’s, Effie York, recipe)and homemade ice cream. Those of us that were indulging in the delicious calories included Sue and J.D. Johnson who brought deviled eggs; Bettye Greer who brought Hershey Kisses; Joyce Carlton; JoNell Placker; Mary Lou Havard; Peggy Burt who brought watermelon and Dee Adams. Our longtime forever friend who put up with us for more than 30 years here at Poulands, Bettie Havard, baked J.R. an apple pie and engraved his initials in the crust. She also brought her favorite; yellow watermelon. It was during the meal that we offered Jim and Linda Orcutt to join us for lunch. They hesitated for a second but then chose to have a “breadless” Ruben and homemade ice cream because of being “gluten free” for several years. I wonder if I could ride a bike 40 miles by giving up gluten. What would I put all that wonderful butter on if I did that?

One more interesting note about the Orcutts. I asked how they met Donnie Kee who insisted they check out “Poulands”. Linda said they have not yet personally met and did not know until I told her they are “country neighbors”. She was searching one day on the Internet for “Restless Leg Syndrome” and came across Donnie’s contact information and the rest is history. Welcome to Texas!

IT’S OFFICIAL! Time to buy the new 2017-18 Texas hunting and fishing licenses. They are available at Pouland’s The Everything Store.

Come see us…’round the table.



August 8, 2016

To make a mistake gives you the opportunity to be responsible and own up to your mistake by admitting that you are at fault.”  

            It’s all my fault and I deeply apologize for the mistakes I made last week writing about “Night on the Town” which is a fund raising event for Ryan Chapel Church that will be Saturday evening, August 13th in the Fellowship Hall at the First United Methodist Church in Lufkin…not Diboll. Guests will be treated to an Italian dinner and entertained with Christian comedian, Leo Lytle. You have a short time to purchase tickets which MUST BE purchased in advance because of limited seating. Tickets are $20 and can be purchased at Pouland’s and from Mary Hendry 936-635-0325 OR Shirley Terrell 936-676-8700. Don’t forget to bring your checkbook for the silent and live auctions. All proceeds will go to the “Rebuilding Fund” for the historical Ryan Chapel Church.

The following is written by Christi Quarles about their Florida vacation with husband Wiley and sons, Reed and Owen. Our Pensacola trip was eventful before it even began.  After many times our travel trailer tire kept losing air, we find out the wheel was cracked and we had to have one expedited from manufacturer.  Then our new truck had to be put into the shop after only having it for 4 days. The dealership rushed so we could leave on Friday for vacation.  We picked it up the Thursday night before we left.  All is fine on the 10 hour drive but when we get to Pensacola and set up the trailer, we realize it is not getting any cooler inside the trailer.  It is actually cooler outside in the 95 degree weather.  Both our air conditioners were not working.  We called Saturday morning trying to find out how to get them fixed and learned it would be Monday before they could look at it.  We decided to stay in a hotel for a few nights but everything was booked.  The only room that was available was going to be $600 for 2 nights and we were not willing to pay that so we decided to go to Home Depot and purchase a free standing, portable air conditioner.  It cooled enough for us to survive until ours could be replaced.  So on Monday, both units had to be replaced due to manufacturer defect, but after that, our vacation went well.

After several days on the beach, we needed a break from the sand, so we took our usual trip to a water park.  This year we drove to Gulf Shores, Alabama to Waterville USA where we enjoyed the water slides and pools, as well as the go-carts and mini-golf.  Pensacola also has a minor league baseball team and tried to schedule our vacation for when they are playing home games.  We have been going to Pensacola Beach every year since 2008, with the exception of the year of the oil spill.  It is a family beach where we walk to supper every night and enjoy the restaurants, boardwalk shops, and walking out on the fishing pier.  This year Pensacola is rebuilding their beaches by dredging the ocean floor and pumping the sand onto the beach.  The kids loved watching bull dozers work in the water.  I would love to travel to different places of the US but it would be hard not to go to Pensacola Beach, home of the Blue Angels.

Peggy Burt, her daughter Jan Rasco and granddaughter, Melissa Burt enjoyed spending a couple of days on the Strand in Galveston. It was hot but they managed to do some shopping and attended the famous Galveston Opera House to see Jeannie Robison, an American humorist, professional speaker and a former Miss North Carolina in 1963, at age 19. She credits her reign as the catalyst for her career. Southern Lady Magazine said this about her,There’s just something striking about Jeanne Robertson. Maybe it’s her beauty queenesque good looks. Or maybe it’s that she’s six-feet-two inches tall. Regardless of what it is, once you hear her speak, you’ll remember her — that if you can quit laughing long enough to catch your breath.”  

So, if any of you are planning to be in Galveston, you may want to see her show. Peggy and the girls recommend it. Melissa is the daughter of Randy and Maria Burt and has completed her BS degree from SFA.

        Mike and Renee Waters celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary at Disney World. They spent five days in the park and were given badges signifying they were there to celebrate an anniversary. The badges got them several perks such as free desserts, snacks and several pictures of them kissing. Renee has always loved Mickey Mouse and got a picture of her kissing him on the nose. They were careful not to publish the “kissing” pictures because Renee’s mom never allowed her and Mike to show any public display of affection, not even after 30 years!

          Jimmie Woodard sent me the following about a short trip. My cousin, Linda Thompson, and I went to the Horseshoe in Shreveport Sunday evening to see the Culverhouse Band, who played at Diboll’s 4th of July music in the Park.  We, of course, gambled and did not win anything Sunday!  So, we tried our best to be millionaires Monday before coming home.  Linda won some money!   ME, I did not!   Maybe next time I will be the lucky one ???!!!

Bobby and Ruth Glover stopped by to visit at the round table. They live in Deming, NM and drove to Diboll to attend the Burchfield reunion that was held last Saturday at the Beulah Community Center. When they left our store, they enjoyed a leisurely drive on the old Diboll highway stopping to visit Billie Jean and Donald Capps and return empty jelly jars that had once been filled with her famous mayhaw jelly.

Wanda (Burchfield) Guidry, a cousin of Bobby Glover, shared some news about the Burchfield reunion.   We had a great reunion this year with 71 in attendance, 16 of those were children and we had a few teenagers. That is one thing that made me happy because hopefully our younger ones will keep the reunion going on for years to come.    Bobby and Ruth Ann Glover, (son of Marshall and Mattie Lee (McCombs) came from Deming, New Mexico. He said it had been around 60 years since he had attended. Bobby’s sister Glenna Jane Barnes, was not able to come this year. Their dad, Marshall, built 9 tables out of plywood about 60 years or more ago for our reunion. We have 7 out of those 9 and still use some or all every year.     John Richard and Mabel Powers were there. He is related to the Burchfield’s through Eula Clark (White) Burchfield and Edith (White) Burchfield. They have attended in the years before and decided to honor us with their presence again this year.

    We did have a few for the first time. I believe Catherine and Mike LeBlanc (daughter of Betty Burchfield Cox) said it was their first time at least at the Beulah Community.    Jimmie Burchfield (son of Johnnie and grandson of Lipscomb Burchfield) made 4 beautiful bowls and gave away as door prizes.  He said a lot of work into making them and knows they went to good homes. Wanda’s number is 936 897-2317 if you would like to know more about this reunion.  

          Don’t forget to buy your “Night on the Town” tickets and come see us…’round the table.




August 2, 2016


DHS Band Director, Joe Acker, his wife Becky and children, Samantha and Christopher, enjoyed a summer vacation after completing his early summer obligations. The Ackers traveled with and were guests of Richard and Chaurcley Cook in their vacation home near Cripple Creek, Colorado. With no Internet at the cabin, it was two weeks of no disruptions and total relaxation. Even the cooking was relaxing with precooked salmon, trout, BBQ, steaks and a little effort in making sugar-free ice cream. Eating out included a meal in Colorado Springs of deep dish Chicago pizza and breakfast at The Pantry in Green Mountain Springs. 13-year-old Christopher earned a Boy Scout badge for fly fishing his first time in the South Platt River. Joey, Richard and the kids enjoyed white water rafting in the Taylor River while the girls enjoyed massages. Joey celebrated his ‘half a century’ birthday during all this relaxation and will begin to feel a partial empty nest when Samantha, 2016 DHS Valedictorian, will be leaving home to attend Sam Houston State University with plans to major in Forensic Chemistry.

It’s embarrassing how I lose and misplaced “stuff”. I uncovered the following news and think it is important to mention even though it is a bit late. Brady Franks came in the store with Glenn McDaniels. They are both employees of Texas Timberjack. Glenn is in sales and according to him Brady wears many hats with his accounting degree. Brady and his wife Jackie have another little boy, Beau Elliott Franks was born June 29th.  He has an older brother, Bridger Echols, who is 19 months old. Their grandparents are Eck and Maureen Franks who live in Hoshall and Greg and Regina Minshew of Hudson. Older folks in Diboll have fond memories of their paternal great-grandparents, Opal and Bennis Echols Franks, who touched many of our lives through the Diboll schools.

Some younger DHS graduates, mostly girls, have been meeting once a month to enjoy visiting. They recently met and ate at Chilies’. Enjoying the many laughs were: Carol (Cooke) Mettlen; Cathy (Scarborough) Dover; Marty Scarborough; Jennie Fergurson; Leslie (Chandler) Stubblefield; Allison (Lazarine) Amason; Tina (Wolf) Jowell; Linda (Wells) Williams; Leticia (Silguero) Soto; Carla Havard; Laurel (Hendrick) Youngblood; Karen (Bass) Dutton and Andrea (Pouland) Swor.

I had an interesting visit with Ronnie Howell who said he would have graduated from  Diboll in 1968 but when he realized he had to take Junior and Senior English his last year under Fred Douglas, he decided to move to Lumberton and live with an aunt and uncle, Christine and Carol Lee. While in Lumberton he was elected Best Dressed Senior and also Mr. Lumberton. Soon after graduation, he joined the US Marine Corp and after boot camp was sent to Viet Nam. He completed his duty in 1970 but re-enlisted for ’73-74. Thank you Ronnie for your service to our country.

Jan Wilkerson is the vice-president of the Texas Chapter of the National Scleroderma Foundation.  This past Thursday she and Burlon drove to New Orleans for training and the National Conference. Friday during an afternoon break she received a message from daughter Melanie that she was in labor–4 weeks early!  Burlon and Jan started home, but received a picture of their new grandson within about an hour. They came home that night and left early the next morning going to College Station to meet Jake Gregory Blakeslee.  Great grandmother Jakie Wilkerson went with them.  Baby Jake is named for his great-grandmother. At 6lbs. 10 oz and 19 inches, Jake and his parents Greg and Melanie Blakeslee are doing fine.  He went home from the hospital within 48 hours.  Big sisters include Jamie, Jessie, and Neely Blakeslee of Marquez.


Robert Whitley decided to travel to Hempstead to attend the Watermelon Festival. With almost 200 vendors, a BBQ Cook-off and lots of contests for the kids, he decided to enter the Watermelon Eating Contest in the 50 & over category. He won 3rd place!!

Baby Jacen Scarborough came to visit the Round Table with his “Meme”, Peggy Scarborough and Aunt Marty. He responded to all the “baby talk” with big smiles and observed ever move that was made around him. We hope he’ll come back for regular visits. Dr. Ingram and Angie Sandoval brought in several pairs of glasses to put in the Diboll Lions Clubs’ “Recycle for Sight” box. There are several businesses around town that have these boxes if you want to give some of your old glasses away…they will be put to good use.

Chad Ward stopped in to buy rabbit feed. Apparently, his sons, Grayson age 9 and Graham age 7 inherited two rabbits over a year ago. When Chad, Marissa and the boys went on vacation Chad decided to leave their cages full of food and water and left the door open hoping they might find another home. Well, it worked for one but the other one liked his cage and was waiting for his family when they arrived home. Chad also shared that his dad, Bill Ward and his wife Nita Fran, have both retired and moved to Tyler.

Some others folks shopping at Poulands’ included: Bobby Chandler for Colorado pinto beans; Ronnie Coleman, Moonshine syrup; Mrs. Jimmy Moye, peach preserves; J.D. and Sue Johnson, a pole saw attachment. Billy Wayne Breazeale got a flat repaired; O.R. Posey and Herman Strauss enjoyed visiting at the round table. Getting fishing licenses were: Allison Amason, Sam Coleman, Jr., Tony Jennings, Wayne Nash and Jesus Calderon purchased a saltwater stamp.

“4 Paws for Alexander” is a benefit for Alexander Reppond and his Autism Service dog. His parents, Matt and Cynthia Reppond, are very special people and contribute to our community. The proceeds will help purchase a service dog for their son. For a $5 ticket someone will be the lucky winner of a Savage Axis rifle and scope with their choice of caliber. Tickets are available here at Pouland’s and Temple Credit Union.

Make plans to attend an evening of fun and food at a special fundraising event for the Ryan Chapel United Methodist Church Rebuilding Fund. “Night on the Town” will take place in the fellowship hall of the Methodist Church in Diboll beginning at 5PM on August 13th. A $20 ticket will provide you with an Italian dinner and Christian comedian Leo Lytle. There also be a silent and a live auction. For tickets call or text Mary Hendry at 936-635-0315 or Shirley Terrell 676-8700 or come by Pouland’s. If you remember the historic church was totally destroyed by fire over a year ago. If you haven’t been by the construction site take time to go by the new church is really beautiful. It’s located at the intersection of FM 2497 and FM 304.

Hope you read your Diboll Free Press in time to help the Diboll Pilot Club Thursday evening August 4th  by eating at Whataburger (nearest Walmart) between the hours of 5 and 8 PM. Whataburger will donate 25% of all the sales between these hours to the Diboll Pilot Club to help them with community projects for the citizens of Diboll. It’s a great cause, it’ll be fun visiting with friends and the food is always good. (Purchases at the drive thru will count also if you remind them it’s for the Pilot Club.)

Please share your news with me and come see us…round the table.