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Nestled in the heart of the Pineywoods and Angelina County, Diboll, TX is our featured community. It houses a population of 5,608 and is located in central East Texas. The rolling, hilly East Texas county is covered with thick pine forests, slow meandering rivers, and large lakes. The county encompasses over 864 square miles and is divided into four voting precincts with a population of 79,270. Neighboring communities are: Lufkin, TX, the county seat, with a population 34,425, Burke pop. 402, Hudson  pop. 3,061, Huntington pop. 2,156. Keltys pop. 800, Pollok pop. 300, and Zavalla pop. 864.

A large portion of Angelina County comprises 58,000 acres of the timber lands of the Angelina National Forest. The pine and hardwood timber from the National Forest and privately owned land provides the major industries of the county with the raw materials to run saw mills, paper mills, wood products mills, and commercial printing plants. In addition, there are two large foundries that manufacture oil-field pumping units, iron and steel castings, and truck trailers.

Angelina County has a growing season of 244 days, with an altitude of 129-406 and average rainfall of 38.9. The mild winters, hot summers, and plentiful rainfall produce many agriculture products such as poultry, beef, horses, hay, melons, peaches, and pecans.

Diboll, our featured community, is only 10 miles south of Lufkin, TX where you will find St. Luke’s Health Memorial Hospitaland Woodland Heights Medical Center. Visit the websites below of our Neches Pines Golf Course, The History Center, and the T.L.L. Temple Memorial Library to see some of our city’s amenities. For more information about our featured community, take a look at the details on our city’s Economic Development webpage. Also, go to the RESOURCES page for more information about Diboll schools, churches, area sites and entertainment.


Our Featured Community:

                   Diboll, TX    


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Neches Pines Golf Course

Diboll Library

T.L.L. Temple Memorial Library 

Diboll History Center

The History Center