August 15, 2016


Trey, Michele, Annabeth, & Ryan Wilkerson just returned from Walt Disney World.  They stayed at the Disney Pop Century resort and spent a total of five days in the various Disney parks.  Once they figured out how to take advantage of Disney’s Fast Pass system to bypass long lines, they were able to fit in everything they wanted to ride, making sure to hit the iconic Disney rides like Small World, the Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups, the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, and Space Mountain.  Ryan and Annabeth loved the roller coasters and other fast rides, so Trey had to ride with them, even though he was sure he was going to die. In addition to the rides, the kids enjoyed meeting Mickey, Donald, and the rest of the Disney characters, and Trey did his best to eat enough to get his money’s worth out of the Disney dining plan.  On the final day they ate lunch at Cinderella’s castle and were visited by a number of Disney princesses during the meal.    They stayed from opening almost until closing each night, and Michele in particular enjoyed the electrical parade and fireworks.

Trey Wilkerson is a Financial Advisor. His company is East Texas Investment Services located at 105 Weber here in Diboll. He sends out an informative monthly letter every month. If you are not on his mailing list you should be. His August letter was entitled “The Wonderful Walt Disney” and told about his many failures and how he persevered and continued to work hard, work long and dream even when told that projects were impossible. From his hospital bed he was working on plans for Disney World that included the Experimental Prototype City of Tomorrow, better known as EPCOT. Disney World opened five years after his death. When you visit Disney World remember, “Failures are not truly failures but lessons that bring us closer to success”.

We truly meet some interesting folks who stop to visit “The Everything Store”. I offered to help a couple that came in and they told me that Donnie Kee had insisted they visit the store and assured them we, or rather John Ralph, could answer anything they wanted to know about this area. Jim and Linda Orcutt recently moved from Minnesota to Fairview into the former home of Richard and Leslie Kenley. They looked in several locations including the Dallas area but decided they loved East Texas because it reminded them of Minnesota. They are very active retirees and have already discovered Live Well. They are both bicyclists. Linda has only ridden up to 40 miles a day but Jim has accomplished 100 miles (a couple circles around the parking lot will exhaust me.) They also enjoy playing “pickle ball” which she described as “old people” tennis.

The Orcutts stopped during the noon hour which happened to be on August 10th, J.R.’s birthday, and Andrea had prepared Ruben sandwiches, banana nut cake with real whipped cream (made from his grandmother’s, Effie York, recipe)and homemade ice cream. Those of us that were indulging in the delicious calories included Sue and J.D. Johnson who brought deviled eggs; Bettye Greer who brought Hershey Kisses; Joyce Carlton; JoNell Placker; Mary Lou Havard; Peggy Burt who brought watermelon and Dee Adams. Our longtime forever friend who put up with us for more than 30 years here at Poulands, Bettie Havard, baked J.R. an apple pie and engraved his initials in the crust. She also brought her favorite; yellow watermelon. It was during the meal that we offered Jim and Linda Orcutt to join us for lunch. They hesitated for a second but then chose to have a “breadless” Ruben and homemade ice cream because of being “gluten free” for several years. I wonder if I could ride a bike 40 miles by giving up gluten. What would I put all that wonderful butter on if I did that?

One more interesting note about the Orcutts. I asked how they met Donnie Kee who insisted they check out “Poulands”. Linda said they have not yet personally met and did not know until I told her they are “country neighbors”. She was searching one day on the Internet for “Restless Leg Syndrome” and came across Donnie’s contact information and the rest is history. Welcome to Texas!

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