August 29, 2016

RT NEWS August 29, 2016

Diboll Day Fundraising activities are in full swing and the Kick Off Day is not until ??. That’s one thing about Diboll Day, there may be rules but who follows them? I’m sure The Diboll Free Press has a schedule of events but the following announcements were personally delivered to Pouland’s so, here’s what we know.

Sue Baker stopped by to buy honey and gave us some of the activities that will be going on for her granddaughter, JoLynn Baker, “Team Jo”. This weekend, September 3rd from 10:30 AM until they sell out of Ribeye sandwiches in Brookshire’s parking lot, actually in front of the Dollar Store. Everyone is encouraged to come out eat a Ribeye sandwich, chips and drink for $8.

The following weekend, September 10th. Beginning at 10AM at the Temple Civic Center will be a washer pitching tournament. Tickets will be available for sale to win Two nights at Margaretville? Plus gift cards.

is a unique Designer Purse Bingo with the opportunity to win expensive purses. A $30 ticket will entitle you to two bingo cards, games? Etc/ The doors open at 5PM and the games start at 6PM. For tickets and more information, contact Sue Baker at 829-4305. Ladies, this sounds like a fun ladies night out”. Guys, this is an opportunity to win an expensive gift for that special lady in your lift.

Marty Grumbles Harris recently celebrated a “Golden Birthday”.  Her mother (Rose Miranda Grumbles) always told her that if you were lucky, you celebrated two golden birthdays in your lifetime; One when you turn the age of the date you were born and one when you turn the age of the year you born. Marty turned 58 and was born in 1958! Her niece Amber Grumbles also celebrated by turning 30 on the 30th and grandson Braden Minton turned 22 on the 22nd. Marty enjoyed dinner with Tom, Jarrad & Gwen Grumbles and Pam Martinez at Manhattans.  Everyone had an enjoyable time, even when Tom attempted to pay for the meal on the Home Depot card! The waiter took it all in stride.

Tom & Marty recently returned from a vacation to Gold Beach, Oregon. Marty spent some school years there and remains in contact with many of her classmates. The Oregon classmates celebrated their 40th reunion and Marty crashed it, as she has since the 20th. They enjoyed the annual “Fireman’s Breakfast” on Saturday morning. An “all you can eat pancake/egg meal” fundraiser held in the local park by the volunteer fireman. Marty has memories of her dad (Leon Grumbles) standing on HWY 101 directing any and all toward the park for the event.  Tom got attacked by a blackberry bush when he attempted to pick that ultimate blackberry that he just knew was the best on the vine. The weather was fabulous and view from the rental home was awesome.  A big Thank You goes to Billy Wayne and Liela Ray Smith for house sitting while they were gone. It provided peace of mind for a very relaxing trip.

Lionheart Fitness & Martial Arts invites you to GET FIT! Angela Russell stopped by to tell us about A 6 week Fitness Challenge for $60. The program begins September 5th at their gym located at 203 N. Temple Dr. (just north of the Temple Credit Union). There is no membership requirement for this challenge to lose weight and feel great plus receive nutritional information. For more information go to their website