August 8, 2016

To make a mistake gives you the opportunity to be responsible and own up to your mistake by admitting that you are at fault.”  

            It’s all my fault and I deeply apologize for the mistakes I made last week writing about “Night on the Town” which is a fund raising event for Ryan Chapel Church that will be Saturday evening, August 13th in the Fellowship Hall at the First United Methodist Church in Lufkin…not Diboll. Guests will be treated to an Italian dinner and entertained with Christian comedian, Leo Lytle. You have a short time to purchase tickets which MUST BE purchased in advance because of limited seating. Tickets are $20 and can be purchased at Pouland’s and from Mary Hendry 936-635-0325 OR Shirley Terrell 936-676-8700. Don’t forget to bring your checkbook for the silent and live auctions. All proceeds will go to the “Rebuilding Fund” for the historical Ryan Chapel Church.

The following is written by Christi Quarles about their Florida vacation with husband Wiley and sons, Reed and Owen. Our Pensacola trip was eventful before it even began.  After many times our travel trailer tire kept losing air, we find out the wheel was cracked and we had to have one expedited from manufacturer.  Then our new truck had to be put into the shop after only having it for 4 days. The dealership rushed so we could leave on Friday for vacation.  We picked it up the Thursday night before we left.  All is fine on the 10 hour drive but when we get to Pensacola and set up the trailer, we realize it is not getting any cooler inside the trailer.  It is actually cooler outside in the 95 degree weather.  Both our air conditioners were not working.  We called Saturday morning trying to find out how to get them fixed and learned it would be Monday before they could look at it.  We decided to stay in a hotel for a few nights but everything was booked.  The only room that was available was going to be $600 for 2 nights and we were not willing to pay that so we decided to go to Home Depot and purchase a free standing, portable air conditioner.  It cooled enough for us to survive until ours could be replaced.  So on Monday, both units had to be replaced due to manufacturer defect, but after that, our vacation went well.

After several days on the beach, we needed a break from the sand, so we took our usual trip to a water park.  This year we drove to Gulf Shores, Alabama to Waterville USA where we enjoyed the water slides and pools, as well as the go-carts and mini-golf.  Pensacola also has a minor league baseball team and tried to schedule our vacation for when they are playing home games.  We have been going to Pensacola Beach every year since 2008, with the exception of the year of the oil spill.  It is a family beach where we walk to supper every night and enjoy the restaurants, boardwalk shops, and walking out on the fishing pier.  This year Pensacola is rebuilding their beaches by dredging the ocean floor and pumping the sand onto the beach.  The kids loved watching bull dozers work in the water.  I would love to travel to different places of the US but it would be hard not to go to Pensacola Beach, home of the Blue Angels.

Peggy Burt, her daughter Jan Rasco and granddaughter, Melissa Burt enjoyed spending a couple of days on the Strand in Galveston. It was hot but they managed to do some shopping and attended the famous Galveston Opera House to see Jeannie Robison, an American humorist, professional speaker and a former Miss North Carolina in 1963, at age 19. She credits her reign as the catalyst for her career. Southern Lady Magazine said this about her,There’s just something striking about Jeanne Robertson. Maybe it’s her beauty queenesque good looks. Or maybe it’s that she’s six-feet-two inches tall. Regardless of what it is, once you hear her speak, you’ll remember her — that if you can quit laughing long enough to catch your breath.”  

So, if any of you are planning to be in Galveston, you may want to see her show. Peggy and the girls recommend it. Melissa is the daughter of Randy and Maria Burt and has completed her BS degree from SFA.

        Mike and Renee Waters celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary at Disney World. They spent five days in the park and were given badges signifying they were there to celebrate an anniversary. The badges got them several perks such as free desserts, snacks and several pictures of them kissing. Renee has always loved Mickey Mouse and got a picture of her kissing him on the nose. They were careful not to publish the “kissing” pictures because Renee’s mom never allowed her and Mike to show any public display of affection, not even after 30 years!

          Jimmie Woodard sent me the following about a short trip. My cousin, Linda Thompson, and I went to the Horseshoe in Shreveport Sunday evening to see the Culverhouse Band, who played at Diboll’s 4th of July music in the Park.  We, of course, gambled and did not win anything Sunday!  So, we tried our best to be millionaires Monday before coming home.  Linda won some money!   ME, I did not!   Maybe next time I will be the lucky one ???!!!

Bobby and Ruth Glover stopped by to visit at the round table. They live in Deming, NM and drove to Diboll to attend the Burchfield reunion that was held last Saturday at the Beulah Community Center. When they left our store, they enjoyed a leisurely drive on the old Diboll highway stopping to visit Billie Jean and Donald Capps and return empty jelly jars that had once been filled with her famous mayhaw jelly.

Wanda (Burchfield) Guidry, a cousin of Bobby Glover, shared some news about the Burchfield reunion.   We had a great reunion this year with 71 in attendance, 16 of those were children and we had a few teenagers. That is one thing that made me happy because hopefully our younger ones will keep the reunion going on for years to come.    Bobby and Ruth Ann Glover, (son of Marshall and Mattie Lee (McCombs) came from Deming, New Mexico. He said it had been around 60 years since he had attended. Bobby’s sister Glenna Jane Barnes, was not able to come this year. Their dad, Marshall, built 9 tables out of plywood about 60 years or more ago for our reunion. We have 7 out of those 9 and still use some or all every year.     John Richard and Mabel Powers were there. He is related to the Burchfield’s through Eula Clark (White) Burchfield and Edith (White) Burchfield. They have attended in the years before and decided to honor us with their presence again this year.

    We did have a few for the first time. I believe Catherine and Mike LeBlanc (daughter of Betty Burchfield Cox) said it was their first time at least at the Beulah Community.    Jimmie Burchfield (son of Johnnie and grandson of Lipscomb Burchfield) made 4 beautiful bowls and gave away as door prizes.  He said a lot of work into making them and knows they went to good homes. Wanda’s number is 936 897-2317 if you would like to know more about this reunion.  

          Don’t forget to buy your “Night on the Town” tickets and come see us…’round the table.