September 18, 2017


It was good news for Bettye Greer when she finally heard from her daughter and son-in-law, Jean and Mike McCollum who live in Naples, Florida, that their new home sustained minimal damage from the 140 MPH winds of hurricane Irma.  Mike and Jean voluntarily evacuated and waited for the storm to pass in a motel in northern Florida. Bro. Larry and Anita Weaver moved in with ‘lil Larry’s family and learned their house was fine but no electricity; they live in Jacksonville. My brother and his wife, Jerry and Annabelle Powell, stayed in contact about hurricane Harvey with neighbors near their home in Bailey’s Prairie (Angleton) as they were vacationing in Ruidoso, NM. And more recently, Judy Carrier posted to all her friends that she is OK after the earthquake on Tuesday in Mexico City.

Another couple, Bob and Gail Long, who live two miles from Tampa Bay, also voluntarily evacuated with their Shih-tzu “B-Beau”. They put up as many things they could off the floor, packed a suitcase with enough clothes for 5-6 days and headed toward his sister’s home in Memphis, TN. What is normally a 4-5 hour drive took them 14 hours. The further they went the harder it was to find food, fuel and restrooms but they finally made it. After three days in Memphis Bob and Gail decided to drive to Nacogdoches to visit good friends, David and Traci Hanson. David is a lumber salesman for Snider Industries. The Longs attended Harvest Point Baptist church with the Hansons and Bob taught the Sunday School class. Bob Long said, not braggingly, he is an itinerant evangelical Bible Professor with a diploma in Bible Theology. But he also has a BA in English; MBA from University of Oklahoma City and a Doctorate of Theology. Bob and Gail also sang a duet during the worship service. Gail has a Bachelor of Music degree and is an accomplished organist, pianist, vocalist and music teacher.

Now, you are probably wondering how they got to the round table and enjoyed eating a bowl of pinto beans and cornbread? Bob and Gail were in Sam’s looking for flea medication for “B-Beau” when someone recommended they come to Pouland’s. We certainly would like to thank that person! Bob and Gail walked in Pouland’s about noon and immediately smelled something good. Andrea told them she was cooking pinto beans and cornbread for lunch and invited them to eat at the round table.

Also eating pinto beans at the RT that day were Jerry and Geraldine Bishop who are volunteers and part of the Southern Baptist Convention Disaster Relief Task Force. They were waiting for tires to be mounted on the “water truck” that they maintain during disasters such as hurricane Harvey. The truck is actually a water purification system that is used for workers to shower and was recently taken to Rockport. Woody Ingram also enjoyed the lunch. He is one of the newest certified “yellow hat” volunteers recruited by the Bishops. During the lunch discussions, Woody and the Longs discovered they both had eaten and recommended Pop’s Soda Ranch on the side of the iconic Highway 66 in Arcadia, OK. They say you can’t miss the 66 foot tall neon soda bottle and the 700 varieties of bottled sodas that are available inside.

The Over 50’s Group met this month at The Cracker Barrel to catch up on the news since the month before. Attending and enjoying the food and fellowship were John and Ann Jones; Newt and Jeanne Courtney; Darryl and Annette Richardson; Barbara Clark; Bob and Nell Horton; Bobbye Burroughs; Jerry and Geraldine Bishop; Pat Brown and Rufus Dunn. Pat Brown was proud to announce she had a new great niece, Emmerson Ray Todd whose parents are Abby and Brent Todd. Emmerson’s paternal grandparents are Dr. Jansen & Pat Todd. Her maternal grandparents are Paul and Tamesha Root and great-grandparents are the late Bill and Louise Lindsey. Pat Brown and Louise are sisters. We have fond memories of Bill Lindsey coming into the store and sitting on a stool at a child’s table having tea with our young preschool granddaughter, Cheyenne Swor; they had some great discussions. My, how time flies, Cheyenne is now a senior at SFA!

Joe and Kay Gage of Diboll are proud to announce their youngest son who serves in the military has been promoted to Col. Phillip K. Gage, United States Army Garrison Japan. Phillip graduated from DHS and on to Texas A&M where he received a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science from Kansas State University. He is a graduate of the US Army War College, Carlisle, PA where he earned a Master of Strategic Studies. Phillip has served around the globe including Fort Carson, CO; Camp Casey, Korea; Fort Knox, KY; Saudi Arabia; Fort Irwin, CA; Iraq; Fort Hood, TX; Vilseck, Germany; Afghanistan and Fort Benning, GA. Presently he is the commanding officer at the US Army Garrison Camp Zama, Japan where he resides with his wife, Janie. Joe and Kay keep up with Phillip on You Tube.

David and Charlotte Carter are changing the name of their business in Burke from His & Hers Trade Days to His & Hers Mercantile since they are now open regular days during the week and not just one weekend. It is such a fun place to shop and look for interesting “Oh, I remember having one of those” items.

David Carter is president of the Diboll Area Lions Club which is making plans for the annual Lions Club golf tournament at Neches Pines, October 14th. A few of the folks that have been in buying hunting and fishing licenses include: Rhonda Hoover; Henry Hayden; Mona & Fox Adams; Darryl Stanley; Harold Maxwell; Raymond Bounds; Donnie & Darlene Stephens and Bryan Wilson. Junior Young learned he was just one year too old from receiving a free fishing license.

The Diboll Business Association appreciates Rick Patel allowing us to meet in the hospitality room of the Diboll Inn & Suites. Rick has purchased the washteria next to the hotel. It is now Diboll Washteria and has some brand new top loading washing machines and commercial dryers. He invites people to use the new equipment.

Stop by when you can and see us…’round the table.