November 14, 2016


Our wonderful delicious Georgia pecans arrived a few days ago and it’s been busy but nice seeing our annual customers that come in one time a year to buy pecans. One of the first was Bonnie Donovan who bought pecans for her daughter Gina and also for Bonnie’s sister, Eva Gay, who lives in Zavalla. Bonnie has been “bird sitting” for Gina while she is working upstate. Bonnie at one time taught line dancing several times during the week but she has retired from that and is now practicing yoga two days a week. She and Carol Chalfant, who has also been in for pecans, both invited me to join them in taking yoga classes…maybe when I retire.

Terri Burgess came in wearing a big black gawky rehab boot just like the one I wore for five weeks. She doesn’t know when but the doctor said she has a sprained ankle and will be wearing the boot for several weeks. Terri stopped to buy pecans while on her way to watch a granddaughter play basketball at Diboll Junior High. She said they have four grandchildren playing basketball and will be watching one of them on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday nights if not more.

Master Gardener, Vickie Boren, came in with a message of “hello” from Tucker and Elizabeth Westerman. Vickie had baked brownies and delivered them to the Westermans on her way to Pouland’s for pecans. Vickie is a guru when it comes to growing tomatoes. She did her very best to teach me a couple of years ago and even shared her special tomato-growing recipe but it didn’t work for me.

We have also received two varieties of peanuts: Spanish and the large Tennessee Red. Wayne Forrest came in for pecans and peanuts and during his conversation shared he worked with several that sit at the round table from time to time: Thomas Anderson; J.T. Hambrick and Jimmy McCall, they all worked at the paper mill. Mr. Forrest even shared his perfect recipe for parching peanuts: Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Spread the peanuts in a pan and place in the oven for 12 minutes and turn the oven off. Let the peanuts cool down before removing from the oven.

Veda Jackson from Corrigan stopped in to buy pecans pieces for holiday cookies and pecan halves to put in her fruit cake. I also enjoyed visiting with another new resident from Corrigan, Jay Sargent. Jay worked for Shell Oil in Deer Park and spent years coming to Polk County to relax, hunt, fish and shoot. He retired after 33 years and decided to move and build a house on Striker Road in Corrigan. He was surprised I knew his pastor and neighbors, Buster and Judy Grigg. The Griggs purchased the First Baptist Church parsonage when he accepted the call to be their pastor.

Jerry Sue Williams, owner of Vintage & Vogue, came in with her daughter Dana and her song writer son, David who lives in Nashville. David did not attend the recent CMA (Country Music Association) Awards recently but has been on that stage when he received the songwriter award for “Movin’ On”.

Montez McNaughten is Jerry Sue’s sister who lives in Milam. She came in with her husband, Joe. Mrs. McNaughten taught school for a total of 34 years, 24 of them in the Hemphill ISD and some at Angelina College. The McNaughtens were proud to tell us they are Jace Murry’s grandparents. Joe McNaughten shared he worked 42 years for Temple in Pineland, some of that time was working for Sherrel Fears at the plywood mill.

Two elegant ladies who were dressed patriotically and looked as if they could have been sisters came from Pinecrest to buy pecans. They are some of our annual customers: Dorothy Owen and Eloise Richardson and her husband, Loyd. Mrs. Owen always asks Andrea about her husband, Kevin Swor, who she taught in the 5th grade. Eloise Richardson is considered the resident pianist and organist at Pinecrest where she plays for Sunday worship services. I believe the Richardsons lived in Wells at one time and spoke highly of their former minister, David Goodwin, who has since moved to Diboll First Methodist Church.

Some others in buying pecans included: Margie and Clarence Bass; Thomas Anderson; Tina (Wolf) Jowell; Mike Hales; Beryl Moses; Shana Breward; Carolyn Stover; Carolyn Tinkle; Carolyn Salas; Carolyn Schmidt; Sherri Yates; Ken Lambert; Debbie Woodward; Janie Lowery; Linda Miller; Robert Little; Sally Selman; Helen Lowery and Sarah Oliver just to name a few.

David Bowley, Jr. and his wife, Denise, stopped by Saturday morning shopping for a deep fry cooker. They made the decision to buy the popular Cajun Cooker we sell and said they were going home to try it out on fresh Red fish from Louisiana. They were also going by to wish his parents, Dave and Pam Bowley a happy 51st wedding anniversary.

Newt and Jeannene Courtney also came in on that beautiful Saturday morning to buy pecans as well as John and Sue Jasper. Pat Berry and Mary Jule Tatum who have been neighbors for 20 years came in together for pecans. Sisters-in-laws, Rita Cavazos and Blanca Cavazos came in together to buy pecans. Some of you will remember Rita from the Tamale Festival; she made 280 dozen hot tamales and sold out. Vicki and Bob Baccus made a quick stop for pecans but had to hurry on home to get work done in the yard.

Janie Flournoy came in with her adorable 2-1/2 year old blond hair blue eyes daughter, Amy. Janie was trying to get to her deer stand. Ernie Battle stopped by to return a book by Bob Bowman from J.R.’s library.

I have had two ladies that have commented how much they enjoyed shopping at Bella’s on the square in Crockett in case you are looking for a new boutique and gift shop.

Just want you to know that someone very special to us for many years celebrated her 95th birthday on November 10. Aline Stovall has always been an elegant, kind, thoughtful, good and sweet lady. She enjoyed having a quiet birthday at home.

The Diboll Civic Club cordially invites everyone to attend the annual Community Thanksgiving service this Sunday, November 20th at First Baptist Church at 6PM. It’s a great time to worship with believers from all churches and be thankful for our many blessings. A reception will follow in the fellowship building.

Come see us…’round the table.