May 22, 2017


My thanks to Jimmie Woodard for sharing news about her most recent trip.

I (Jimmie) went to Waco for a few days with cousins Kim Johnson (Livingston), Eve Brinkley (Florida), Linda Thompson (Hudson), Sonnye Thompson (transplant from Tennessee). Cousin Kim had a big surprise for us as we started out on our trip.  She had 38 items on a scavenger list that we were to fulfill as we traveled along on our great adventure.  Our first item was a selfie with a waiter/waitress, so while driving through Navasota we made a stop at Martha’s Bloomers, had lunch and got #1 off the list.  It was awesome looking at all the gifts, treasures and plants and enjoying a delicious meal!

Our main focus of the trip was to visit the famous HGTV show Fixer Upper’s, Magnolia Silo Market, where we 5 ladies went C C C R R R A Z Y !  Had a crazy ladies’ marvelous time shopping, eating and making new friends.  Had opportunity to meet and visit with David Ridley, who became an integral part of the show in 2016, when his home was featured as one of the fixer uppers.  David became an instant celeb and has been Waco’s most eligible bachelor until recently when he announced his engagement.  He often appears on the show and has started his own business “Waco Tours”.  Our group decided to go on the 3 hour tour and was so excited we did.  David (another David, not Ridley) and driver Lucas have both appeared on the show several times.  Therefore, we enjoyed seeing 12 different “Fixer Upper” homes, one of which was David Ridley’s and had the privilege of stopping and seeing his house.  On the tour we also had opportunity to learn about Cameron Park, Lover’s Leap, Jacob’s Ladder, Texas Rangers Museum, Baylor University, Ministry under the overpass, the 1953 tornado, a castle built in 1893 and so much  more.

We also went to Homestead Heritage, which is an agrarian community, where the residents live a self-sustaining lifestyle.  They grow their own food (by means of horse and plow and handmade tools), make their own flour, cornmeal, jellies, syrup, cloths, blankets, quilts, furniture, tools, cheese, butter, bread and much more.  Their community allows area schools to visit (free of charge) to learn about their lifestyle and at the same time learn about weaving, spinning, forging, farming and making furniture, candles, cheese, pottery, jelly, syrup.  There is also a general store on the property, a restaurant and a gift shop.

Of course, we did a lot of walking and sightseeing and enjoyed such awesome sights as the bronze statues of the longhorns and cowboys depicting the Chisholm Trail, the famous suspension bridge of Waco, interesting architectural designs of churches and businesses, Baylor University, Texas Ranger Museum and lots of cool places to dine and shop. It was a most outstanding trip and we all recommend you visit Waco and do take a tour with Waco Tours!

Thank you again, Jimmie. I never tire of reading about trips.

Enjoyed visiting with Derek Constante in the store. Derek graduated from DHS in 2004 and is presently living in Diboll and married to Tiffany (Pyle). They have two children; 8-year-old Aden and 16-month-old, Tiffany. Derek works in west Texas for two weeks at a time in the oil field industry then has one week at home. That day he left the store he was going to the home of his niece, Rebecca Brazil, to celebrate her 5th birthday. He couldn’t believe he had promised Rebecca to let her give him a manicure, pedicure and “makeup”. She will always remember this birthday and I bet Derek does too.

We were pleasantly surprised when Bill Ward, former DISD superintendent, walked through the door one day. He had plans to meet his son Chad for lunch then drive to Chester to spend the weekend at a tournament competing with his bow. When Chad arrived they decided to stay and eat “backstrap” at the RT. Someone convinced Andrea if they donated the venison she would cook it. She not only cooked it but also fresh squash (donated by Gary Jones and Mark Hafernick) sautéed with onions, seasoned green beans and homemade biscuits. Others that enjoyed the tasty meal were Dennis Lenderman, Gary Jones, Woody Ingram and golfing friends of his; Raymond Vann, Sonny Clements and Andy Jordan. It was a great meal!

Bridgette Chandler who always seems to have a pleasant smile was grinning from ear to ear when she came in the store; she graduated from SFA on May 8th. She was one of about 25 students whose ceremony was a week earlier due to conflicting athletic events on the actual graduation date of May 13th. Bridgette earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology with a focus on Human Performance. She has worked since beginning her freshman year as a softball trainer at Angelina College. During her last semester at SFA, in addition to her classes, she was a football trainer, track manager and also worked at a bike shop. Bridgette said someone once told her, “Love what you do and you’ll never work”, she said, “I’ve never worked a day in my life”. She is excited about starting to work on her master’s degree in July. Congratulations!

Angelina County 4-H members need your help in collecting plastic shopping bags. The 4-H members who will be attending the Texas Roundup in June will be weaving the plastic bags into sleeping mats for the homeless. You can bring your bags here to Pouland’s or to the Extension office.

Tom Farley was a mighty proud grandfather when he came in the store. His grandson, Ziegen Farley is going to play in the Baseball World Series in Florida. Ziegen is the 14-year-old son of Randall and Jessica who live in San Antonio with their other children: Malachi, Nalei and Isabelle.  To raise funds for the Florida trip, Tom brought us raffle tickets for a drawing on June 10 for the following prizes: Glock 19 9mm pistol; AR15 MPC rifle; three 45-quart Yeti coolers. Tickets are $20 each and available here at Pouland’s. For more information or to buy a ticket, call Tommy Farley 936-635-3341 or 936-829-4369.

Remember Memorial Day is May 29th. Be thankful for all the freedoms we have because of those who fought and those who continue to serve and protect those freedoms.

Comes see us…’round the table.