May 11, 2015



Almost anyone who had been around Geraldine Pouland for any length of time has eaten either her homemade pecan pralines or her broccoli cornbread. She was well known for these two specialties and spent time reading cookbooks and collecting recipes. She loved to cook, was good at it and kept us fed. Affectionately known as “Other Momma” Geraldine passed away May 5th. She will be missed by many friends and family.

Geraldine Pouland was probably the best known lady in the Personnel Department at Temple. She was usually the first person new employees met and she seem to remember who they were for years to come. They learned that she was willing to help anyone with anything. It was in this office that she often brought home cooked food to share with others. Broccoli cornbread was an all-time favorite of her co-workers. J.D. Johnson remembers that she would spice up cocktail sausages just the way he liked them. Her Sunday school class members always expected her to bring her pecan pralines to any function where food was served and she also made them for many bridal, baby and various showers for many years.

After her retirement from Temple, Geraldine became our resident cook at the Round Table, preparing wonderful home cooked meals every day. There is a plaque near the Round Table that says: Over and Above The Call of Duty Club, ‘Other Momma’ Pouland, Cook of the Year Award 1998. She always made the chicken and dressing for Thanksgiving until she taught Andrea her secret. In later years, she passed on the cooking duties at the Round Table but loved to come, eat lunch and visit. Visiting became very difficult as her hearing was so impaired, conversations would have to be written on a board for her to read. That didn’t keep her from issuing orders or flashing those dark eyes at anything that didn’t suit her. It’s sad and we will miss her but we must remember… she can now HEAR what’s being said!

Betty Baskette, one of Geraldine’s best friends and co-workers in the Personnel Department at Temple both had birthdays in May. Geraldine’s was the 18th and Betty’s is the 16th. Betty Baskette is celebrating her 90th birthday this Saturday, May 16, at Diboll First Baptist Church in their fellowship building. All of her family will be there and the public is cordially invited to attend her party at 1PM.

Don’t forget that Diboll’s annual Tamale Festival is also this Saturday in Old Orchard Park beginning at 10AM. Lots of fun, festivities and homemade tamales.
Speaking of homemade. Morris Smith brought to the Round Table two large pans of his home made yeast rolls. Oh, how I wish I could describe how good they tasted and they were still warm from the oven. Morris said his mother let him watch her in the kitchen and always told him that a man needs to know how to cook as well as a woman. That’s a lesson Morris learned well. He is known for his homemade bread. Betty never buys bread, only flour and Morris bakes bread nearly every day. Someday, I plan to look over his shoulder and learn “how to”.

Our thanks to Ella Wayne Wilkerson for bringing home made brownies fresh from the oven to the Round Table one day last week. They certainly didn’t last long! There are others who were so thoughtful of us and brought food to the store. Sue Johnson and Mary Ingram both tried a new recipe from the Charm magazine for a Lemon pound cake drenched in sweet lemony sauce. Donnie Jenkins brought a delicious pound cake, Aundrea Ellison, an Arkansas Pie and Marcia Jones a pecan pie. Bettye Greer delivered us a whole Mexican meal from our favorite place, Los Jorritas and in addition to that, Julia sent Tortilla soup because she knows it’s my favorite.

A big heartfelt “Thank you” to everyone that expressed their condolences in any way. We truly appreciate each of you.

Come see us…’round the table.