March 8, 2015

9-year-old Halle Hawkins and her sister 14-year-old Gracie, came in Saturday with their dad and former DISD superintendent, Dr. Brent Hawkins. The middle sister, Hannah, was not with them. These three girls are active in 4H and participate in showing animals around the state of Texas. That day, Dr. Hawkins looked more like “farmer” Hawkins in his faded blue jeans. After picking up enough feed for 9 pigs and 2 lambs, they were on their way home to Livingston where Brent is presently serving as superintendent of Livingston ISD. Gracie recently did well with her pig at the San Antonio Stock Show placing 4th in her class. Gracie and Hannah both participated in the calf scramble there along with 22 others who chased after 12 calves. These girls are petite and Gracie explained that she simply caught, jumped on a calf and administered a choke hold until she could secure the halter around its neck. Both girls received an $800 certificate toward the purchase of a gilt hog and the opportunity to win a $10,000 scholarship next year.

Diboll has lost a longtime family, Jim and Judy McClain. Jim has lived in Diboll since he was a preschooler, the youngest child of George, Sr. and Dot McClain, who moved here from Mississippi to work with C. H. Shepherd in the Fiberboard plant. Jim and Judy have sold their two homes in Diboll and are living in Bastrop which is closer to Judy’s mom in Marble Falls and her sister in San Marcus. Jim is working with the Covert Auto Group and Judy does some substitute teaching. Their daughter Allison is the SID (Sports Information Director) at the University of Houston and Wes recently graduated from UH and is playing golf professionally. We miss y’all!!

Lewis and Shirley Ivy took time to visit at the Round Table. Shirley recently had a 6-1/2 hour heart surgery that included implanting a pace maker. Shirley says she feels better now than she has in a l-o-n-g time. She had read that a dose of honey before bedtime helps to sleep better. Before they left, Lewis purchased two quarts of local honey; His and Hers.

I have known Linda Campbell for a few years and enjoyed having time to visit with her at the Round Table and learned she had an interesting experience in her childhood. Linda’s parents were E. C. and Ruth Harris and they had four children: Martha, Linda, Richard and Eddie. Mr. Harris worked in construction and most of the time moved his family with him to different Brown & Root construction sites. He was part of the crew that built Angelina County hospital and Southland Paper. They had lived four years in Bowaters, Tennessee when Linda’s dad was transferred to Havana, Cuba and moved his family with him. It was 1959 and Linda remembers attending a big parade with lots of military equipment and jeeps. It was in honor of the new Prime Minister of Cuba, Fidel Castro. She was standing on the street only a few feet away when he came by with an ugly beard waving to the crowd. It was a very short time later as he began his dictatorship that, as Americans, her family was told to leave their home near Varadero Beach. Linda’s family enjoyed many good times on the beautiful beach and learned to appreciate their cultural foods especially the delicious pastries and lobster which was considered a staple. Because of the pleasant climate, there was no need for air conditioning and her mother had a maid to cook and clean their apartment. Mr. Harris sent his family back to Peavy Switch. Because he knew the language and looked “Cuban” he was able to stay and work but later had to “sneak” out of the country.

Linda Harris first met her husband-to-be, Don “Bubba” Campbell, when they were children then later as teenagers when he delivered the Houston Post. They, like a thousand other couples, hung out at Read’s Broil-a-Burger. They married in 1965 and had two children: Renae and Alan Ray; they have 6 grandchildren. All four of the grandsons have served or presently serving in the US military. They also have 3 great-grands and one on the way. Linda’s life changed instantly when Bubba was tragically killed coming home from a grandson’s wedding. She is still trying to cope with her loss and has moved with her daughter and two spoiled dogs to Nacogdoches.

It’s getting closer and if you haven’t already marked your calendar, now is the time to do so. Angelina County Master Gardeners’ Annual Plant Sale is March 28th at Angelina County Farmers’ Market. Gates will open at 8 AM and close when they sell out. Funds from this sale provide for programs and projects in Angelina County. All the plants are especially suited to our soil and climate and include annuals, perennials, native, fruits, roses and more.

The 4H Bingo Bash will be April 4th at the Angelina County Extension Office also located on the grounds of the Angelina County Farmers’ Market. This will be a gift card Bingo and there will also be a Silent Auction. The time is 6PM and money raised from this event helps with scholarships and summer camps. They need your support.

The Angelina County Go Texan Committee is having a $5,000 Steak Dinner April 11th at 6PM. The tickets are $100 per couple and will include a steak dinner with all the trimmings. This event will be held at “Shelton’s” at 3603 FM 2108 (Airport Road). Tickets are available here at Pouland’s, Ben Moore at 635-6061 or any Go Texan committee member. Proceeds will fund scholarships for students in Angelina County. Shelton’s is a new venue used for weddings, reunions, etc. Their website is

Come see us…’round the table.