March 14, 2016


U.S. clocks sprung forward last Sunday for daylight saving time, the annual event that stretches the hours of evening sunlight and irritates those who’d rather leave well enough along. I wish they would leave it alone and I agree with the person who said they would vote for the candidate that would leave Day Light Savings time. Did you know that Ben Franklin first introduced this controversial clock changing idea way back in 1784? Did you realize the Monday after the change was National Nap Day and wouldn’t be necessary if the time didn’t change?

James Simms and I visited at the bank and he told me his grandson, Wiley Parker, had his 6th birthday on March 5th. I argued with him that Wiley just had a birthday a few days ago but he assured me it was a year ago. James, Kathy and all of Wiley’s family are extremely proud of him. On Friday the day before his birthday Wiley ran a 1K race and on Saturday he ran the whole distance in a 5K race which is almost 4 miles! His dad, Craig Parker, ran alongside just in case he was needed. Wiley raised $750 for the benefit. He later celebrated with a big birthday party. This week is Wiley’s spring break, his dad was able to be off the whole week and Jamie is very fortunate to be a stay-at-home mom so I’m sure they have the week planned with fun things to do.

Shane Garrett had a birthday on March 9th. Because he loves NASCAR racing, his wife, Crissy, treated him to a “Ride Alone with the Pros” which is 3 laps around the Texas Motor Speedway in Ft. Worth. This is also known as the Richard Petty Driving Experience. Shane and Crissy drove to Aledo, Texas where they were invited to visit his DHS classmate, Jermichael Finley and his family. Jermichael said he normally offered his guests hor d’oeuvres but on this occasion he ordered pizza to eat while they all enjoyed watching the Ultimate Fighting Championship on TV. Shane said they had a good visit and shared that Jermichael stays busy with football camps, his fitness center and being a partner with his father-in-law’s Boss Hogg BBQ.

Four guys rode their motorcycles from Kingwood to Pouland’s last Saturday. The weather was bleak here but they said it was sunshine except around the Corrigan area. The four were Louis Burdulis from Katy who is an industrial real estate manager; James Cunningham from Houston who owns Texas General Construction and his son-in-law, Chris Papandrea from Cypress and Jack Williams who is a familiar face around here. They had it planned to meet Vic Bass here and go to the airport for lunch. Jack Williams is the author of “18 Doors” a book about his ministry to people on death row. Through his “BroJack” ministry, he is presently working for the Harris County Juvenile detention ministering and making vivid presentations of what it’s like on death row in Texas. Jack and his two sons Brandon, age 20 and Jason, age 27, live in Kingwood.

BACKYARD GARDENING, a world all its own! The thought of fresh vegetables growing in the backyard has to be appealing to most. It’s a great pastime and can be great therapy. It can also be a great family activity for the kids. Here at Pouland’s we can help with the planning and preparation of your garden and provide you with fresh bulk seed, plant sets, soil amendments, fertilizer and all you need to get the job done right. By the way, it’s time to prune and fertilize roses.
Frank Farrow came in with his beautiful 2-year-old great-granddaughter, Abbigail Powell and her dad, Clay. Frank is a busy guy with all his chickens and show rabbits. He is a rabbit judge and spends a lot of time traveling around the country judging rabbit show.

You would be surprised at the people who have backyard chickens. I am one of them and have named most of my bantam hens and roosters. My backyard is filling up fast with chicks of all ages because I have successfully hatched many chicks in my incubator; therefore, I am running out of names. The backyard chicken phenomenon is thriving because non-farming Americans are concerned about food safety, taste, nutrition and the satisfaction of raising poultry as pets. There is nothing better than a fresh egg delivered by a happy chicken.

Abney’s Fish Truck will be in our parking lot on Wednesday, March 23rd from noon until 1 PM. If you want to stock a pond, he will have channel catfish; bass, black crappie; bluegill, minnows and even pond fertilizer. If you would like to place an order, call Berry Abney at 1-870-697-3550 or check out the website at

The time is nearing for the annual Master Gardeners’ plant sale on Saturday, April 2 beginning at 8AM until 2PM at the Angelina County Farmers Market. They will have perennials, native plants adapted to this area, fruits, roses and much, much more!

The evening of April 2nd at 6:30 at Shelton’s Place on FM 2108 will be the Angelina County Go Texan $5,000 Steak Dinner. No, the tickets only cost $100 per couple and includes a steak dinner with all the trimmings and a chance to win $5,000. The proceeds from this dinner will benefit their local scholarship fund. Andrea has tickets here at Pouland’s and more information if you need to call her, 829-4040.

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