March 13, 2017


Did you know that Tuesday, March 14 was the 30th annual Pi Day in honor of the never ending number 3.14159…… a number that contains pretty much every combination of digits imaginable? I was not aware of this special day until visiting with Nancy and Bob Hallett in the store. They came in for bales of alfalfa hay and asked suggestions for a good place to eat. When “pizza” was mentioned, they were delighted and seemed excited about a circle of food. About that time I noticed his and her tee-shirts both were about Pi and that’s how I learned that March 14 is “Pi Day”. Bob pointed to his shirt that stated Pi Day is also Albert Einstein’s birthday. I read later that Pi Day caters exclusively to mathematical geniuses who love puns and baked goods. Now I know why this day does not interest me except maybe for a piece of pie.   At the near closing of Pi Day, Tina Jowell came in and remembered she needed to bake a skillet blackberry pie for the evening meal to celebrate the special day.

Folks move to Diboll while others move out. Jessica and Doug Dunn moved last weekend from their home in South Meadows to Round Rock which is closer to her brother, Josh, his wife and special niece, Heather. Jessica moved to Diboll with her family and parents, Bill and Debbie Tipton in 1991. Jessica’s husband Doug has been a tug boat captain for eight years working out of Channelview. Jessica was voted #1 Hair Dresser in the recent Best of 75941 and is leaving behind a lot of sad customers.

Moving into Diboll from Cedar Park Texas is Joe and Mickey Crabtree who bought a new home in Deer Trace. Mickey will keep the home fires burning while Joe continues to work toward retirement in July. They looked for and near for the right place to retire and found it here in Diboll. They are excited about the move and love the area and the friendly people here.

Howard and Susan Wickenden made their first visit to The Everything Store during spring break. They moved to the area about three years ago from Houston because they love East Texas and the friendly people here. Actually, Howard is still working with a gas pipeline company in Houston and comes home on the weekends. Susan is a retired teacher that previously taught in the Pasadena ISD when our present DISD superintendent, Vicki Thomas, was there also. Susan told us we are very fortunate to have Mrs. Thomas in the Diboll district. We agreed wholeheartedly. Susan is a substitute teacher at the Diboll Intermediate and Elementary school. She couldn’t believe the beautiful building and said the children and the staff in this district are very respectful. She loves teaching here.

Gary and Cathy Martz are enjoying two of their grandchildren during spring break. Gary and his 6-year-old (I think 6) granddaughter, Allison, stopped by the store for her to play while Gary visited at the roundtable. They had already been to the golf course that morning and fishing the day before. Allison’s parents are Kevin and Lindsey Martz who live in Ft. Worth. Her dad and little 3-year-old sister Taylor were home with Cathy and two dogs, Sophie and Haley. Allison was excited about playing with “Maggie”, Gary’s 7-week old Black Lab and told me all about the Flower Picking contest they had on Sunday.

Mark and Ann Hafernick enjoyed having their 1-year-old grandson, Cooper Johnston, stay in their home a few days. His parents are Lauren and Dr. Judd Johnston from South Lake, Texas. Lauren continues to work as an event planner for Sky Ranch while Judd works at his veterinary clinic in Colleyville.

Last month the Pilot Club of Diboll prepared supper for 28 people. It was an appreciation dinner for Diboll Police and volunteer firemen. Mayor John McClain and City Manager, Gerry Boren, were also present. Mike Gibson, husband of Pilot Club member Dianne, cooked spaghetti for all. The other Pilot Club members brought drinks, salad and desserts. Pilot Club members there helping were: Geneva Ard, Sue Baker, Betty Capps, Vivian Holt and husband Ken, Barbara Nash, Dianne Gibson, Billie Lamb, Camillia Robison and Fran Rodriquez. The Pilot Club has had this dinner for several years and appreciates the First Methodist Church allowing them to use their facility.

Jean (Greer) McCollum was in Diboll visiting with her mom, Bettye Greer. They stopped at the store and spent the rest of the beautiful day touring Azalea Trails and riding through the countryside in and around Nacogdoches. They enjoyed visiting with James and Becky Greer over a meal at Posados. Jean returned to their new home in Naples, Florida on Monday. She and Mike have enjoyed having lots of friends from the north come visit them in Florida during the winter months.

Before spring break Trey Linton took time off from his busy schedule to read several books to the Diboll students in Mrs. Handy’s classroom. Trey’s 5-year-old daughter, Kynleigh, is in her room. His younger four-year-old daughter, Lacey, attends day care.

Madelyn Markus, a young customer of ours from Central, was in buying feed for her project for the youth fair. She had reserve champion last year and working toward having the grand champion this year. She’s a senior and plans to attend Angelina College and SFA and after earning an art degree plans to become a flight attendant.

Folks around here enjoyed the spring-like weather. Jay Wyatt was in buying fertilizer for his yard. Phil Hall bought a new Stihl trimmer. Michael Dorman bought caladium bulbs. Gary Gores bought local honey. Harold Maxwell bought pinto beans. Barbara Lovelady bought a fishing license as well as Travis Parish. Bo Smith bought a beautiful set of midnight blue wind chimes that we are now selling.

The wind chimes we have in stock can be engraved and given as a memorial gift or other special occasions. We also have tiny ornate fairies and other miniature decorations to capture the imaginations of children and adults. Thomas Anderson with his creative welding talents made us a metal tree complete with leaves for us to hang the tiny terrariums we now have for sale. They make great gifts and no two are alike. We invite you to stop by, look around and have a cup of coffee.

Come see us…’round the table.