June 1, 2015


Janet Kilgore, Assistant Manager at The Joe Elliott House, stopped by to have a flat repaired. She had her sister-in-law Jeannie Johnston from Salt Lake City with her and introduced her at the RT. Jeannie’s brother and sister-in-law is Algie Lee and Wanda Kilgore who live in Diboll. Janet had previously told us Jeannie was 86-years-old going on 50 and she was absolutely right! Jeannie was a spry petite 98 pounds; had a porcelain doll complexion; fashionably dressed with black stockings and loves to ballroom dance. She lives downtown Salt Lake City on 2nd street across from the world renowned Mormon building of genealogy. Janet was taking her to visit someone that was going to carry her to the airport for her return trip home. Several years ago while Janet was visiting Jeannie in Salt Lake City, Janet carried her family records to the Mormon facility in hopes of finding more information but was disappointed. The staff working there was happy that Janet shared her information with them. Janet said she did find a mention of her step father, William Welch and Marvin Baker and The 8 Baker Café that was once located in the front building next to where Pouland Real Estate is today which was Powell’s Grocery in years past.

Knowing how John Ralph loves “old stuff”, Jim Odom came in one day with several items from the old O. L. Hubbard Grocery and Feed that was in Lufkin in the 30’s. Jim’s wife, Sally, was the daughter of Jimmie Jean (Massingill) and O. L. Hubbbard. The building was located in the vicinity of Chestnut and Lufkin Avenue. Jim gave JR a meat cleaver, knives and a sharpener.

Tom Squyres stopped by one morning on his way to “little” Centerville school. He showed me the portable self-contained bee hive he had with him that he and beekeeper, Cecil Hunt, were going to demonstrate the importance of honey bees to Pre-K through 4th graders. Tom was kind enough to uncover the hive and show it to me and even pointed out the queen bee. Tom dedicates many hours of his time to help people, especially when children are involved.

Darrel Stanley visits the RT often. He shared that his sister-in-law and a couple of friends from Dallas stayed with he and Linda on their way to visit Hodges Gardens in Louisiana. It was during the time we were having all the rain and upon arriving at the gardens were disappointed that the blooms were all washed away or beaten down. When the group came back by the Stanley’s, Darrel suggested they go on back to Dallas as soon as possible based on the weather predictions. The girls waited a couple of days and decided to take the backroads instead of the interstate. Darrell really had a hard time not saying “I told you so” when he learned they had to wait three hours for the flooded roads to clear.

John Ogden told his wife Gloria to pack her bag for the Memorial Day weekend because he was taking her on a trip and it was to be a surprise. They drove to Llano for a car show and festival which was a big disappointment due to the weather. They drove to Fredericksburg and decided to travel on to her brother’s ranch and visit a couple of hours with he and his wife. It began to sprinkle but that didn’t discourage them even knowing they had to cross the Blanco River and a bridge to get to the ranch. The rain got heavier and they even had to wait for volunteers to cut a fallen tree across the road. The rain got heavier but nothing bad. John drove cautiously across the river and the bridge and all of a sudden, the rain got really bad. They made it to the ranch and had to spend the night. The news that night reported the Blanco River was expected to get out of its banks. The next morning they couldn’t leave because the water had washed away about 30 feet of her brother’s road. Her brother discarded the idea of using an aluminum boat because broken trees and the current made it impossible to paddle across. They spent a second night. Fearful of having to spend days and desperate to get home, her brother devised a plan of putting a 40’ ladder across the rising water. With one end in the river bed and the other end on concrete, John and Gloria crossed on their hands and knees to the other side. Someone carried them into Blanco where they met their son who had driven four hours from Houston and drove another five hours to Diboll. I bet it will be awhile before Gloria lets John “surprise” her again.
We have on display here at Pouland’s the cutest horse barn birdhouse built and designed by Jimmie Woodard. Chances to win are $1 each or 6 for $5. All proceedswill go into the Diboll Alumni Association’s Scholarship Fund.

Diboll Boy Scout Troup 128 is selling Smoked Pork Butts just in time for Father’s Day weekend. The tender meat will already be cooked and ready for a nice meal. You must place your orders by June 15th. The meat must be picked up on June 20th between 8 and Noon at the Diboll Scout House. To place an order, call Jeannette at 676-8506.

Enjoy the sunshine and come see us…’round the table.