July 13, 2015

Enjoyed visiting at the RT with two young ladies who are cousins; Shara Friese and Lauren (Calloway) Roberts. With them was 11-year-old Colson Porterfield who joined us at the table but was more interested in his video games. Their maternal grandparents are James and Barbara Smith of Apple Springs. Lauren teaches at Anderson Elementary. She and her husband, Kevin, are expecting their first child in January. Shara graduated from Diboll and Texas A&M where she majored in Chemistry. After graduating from A&M she got a job about 2-3 minutes from the college working for Fuji Film. One would presume she makes film but not so. When the film market disappeared, Fuji went into the biotechnology industry. Shara works with test tubes and microscopes wearing white coats and extra protective gear while working with the development of a large scale flu vaccine.

Waynette (Goins) Patterson was treated to a trip to Pensacola, Florida with her son and daughter-in-law, Randy and Vicki who live in the Plano-Richardson area. Also traveling with them were their two daughters, 17-year-old Rachel and 15-year-old Sara and cousin, 16-year-old Madison McMullen of Lufkin. Waynette and Madison met the others in Shreveport and the two car caravan drove to Florida where they group enjoyed playing on the beach, shopping and especially, eating. They enjoyed lots of fresh seafood at Crabs and Joe’s Crab Shack. Madison, her sister Chelsea, her parents, Lydia and George McMullen are leaving this week to enjoy the beautiful beaches and sand in Orange Beach, Alabama.

Ginger Walker, receptionist for Dr. Woody Ingram, enjoyed a trip to Pocahontas, Arkansas for a small family reunion. She carried her dad, Robert (Bob) Walker from Zavalla along with her daughters, 8-year-old Taylor and 14-year-old Hailey and her inseparable friend, Mollie Clifton. About fifteen family members enjoyed a July 4th fish fry and it was great to see her dad visit with his brother, Bill Wallace, who came from Tennessee.

Zane Anthony, a 2012 DHS graduate is the son of Ray and Teresa Anthony. Following in his father’s footsteps, Zane recently graduated from the Kilgore Police Academy and is employed with the Lufkin PD. He has dated Whitney Dugat for a couple of years. He had purchased an engagement ring to surprise her but Whitney surprised him when she found it in his pickup. They are planning a 2016 June wedding.

Abby (Anthony) Lawrence had hair appointments with Meredith Jenkins for her, Lola and Tucker. Meredith was almost through with a special coloring on 6-year-old Lola when her little brother fell from a short window sill. Being a school nurse, Abby realized it was serious. Going above and beyond the call of duty, Meredith quickly finished Lola’s hair and drove them to the ER while Abby held Tucker’s arm in place. Diagnosis revealed both bones are fractured in his arm. Tucker is in a cast and everyone is helping to keep this active 2-year-old still for six weeks. Good luck!.

Busy lady, Cecilia Mendoze, took a short break to sit down at the RT while she was delivering this month’s edition of The Journey. Cecilia graduated from DHS and played volleyball under Coach Drake. Girls’ softball was not available but Cecilia played on Diboll Youth leagues until she was14. After graduating in 1991 from high school and later earning two associate degrees from Angelina College, she began to coach and do volunteer work. She coached T-ball for 13 years, baseball for 4 years and girls softball for 6 years. She has two children, Cecilia is 10 and Hugh is 13. Cecilia is always on the go. She volunteers at the library, participates in the Diboll Civic Club, co-ordinates the Spanish Club’s dancers who have performed at The Tamale Fest, Cinco de Mayo, Officer’s Banquet and other events. She will be volunteering at the Geeks, Games and Gadgets, designed for kids and adults this weekend, July 17-18 at the Nacogdoches Expo Center. Geeks, Games, and Gadgets is a Lifestyle Event combining the best features of Man Expo, Kid Escape, and a Comic Con. Indoor & Outdoor activities including paintball, table and video games, great vendors, comedy and movie events, barbecue cook off, Guinness world record break attempt, monster truck rides and much, much more. Tickets are $15/day or $20 for 2 days.

Leonard & Billie Robison ‘s home was invaded by thousands of bees that decided to manufacture honey in the front eaves of their second story home in Deer Trace. Leonard had no takers when he offered the bees to anyone that might be interested in removing them from his house. He then called Cary Sims, the Extension Agent for Angelina County. After much discussion and persuasion, Cary who is also a beekeeper, committed to the task of removing the bees. It was an ordeal that could not be done from the top of a tall step ladder. A mechanical lift was used to raise Cary and his equipment up face to face with the throng of bees. It was a very hot day, Cary was sweating profusely unprotected from the hot sun and wearing the usual beekeeper protection. Cary devised a system using a shop vacuum that gently sucked the bees from their hive into his bee box and transported them to a new location.

A few days later, Leonard Robison was able to enjoy being outside, doing what he does best, BBQing for friends and family. Some of the neighbors, Steve and Dortha Jackson, came to visit and commended Leonard on his good BBQ. Dortha, an accomplished pianist, demonstrated her musical skills on Billie’s 60th anniversary gift, a petite grand piano. Other neighbors listening to Dortha play included Earl and Carolyn Hutson (who also played for the group); Dave and Elaine Winfrey; John and Gloria Ogden and Dick and Linda Miller.

Stay cool, be safe and come see us…’round the table.