January 30, 2017


It was a sad evening when I arrived home and discovered my pet rooster, Harold, met his fate underneath the tire of a stranger’s vehicle. John Ralph bought Harold and two beautiful hens for me from Harold Moore about four or five years ago. Needless to say I was hesitant to accept his gift because the only time I had been near a rooster, it spurred me! That was many years ago when we lived in Copestown. Anyway, Harold and his two lady friends that I named Thelma and Louise, came with their own high rise chicken coop which was moved into our backyard. Harold, Thelma and Louise are Silver Duckwing Bantams which are miniature members of the chicken family. It didn’t take too long for me to get comfortable with these three little ones and unafraid to hold them. We eventually let them have full range of the backyard.  They all got up early every day (early birds get the worm) and would come to our patio back door where Harold, though small in size, had a very loud “cock a doodle doo”. J.R. usually was already up and loved it when Harold’s crowing woke me. We eventually bought more “bannies”, roosters and larger hens that produced large brown eggs and sometimes adorable baby chicks that increased our flock. As we got more chickens, Harold had more and bigger responsibilities protecting and taking care of the ladies from roosters who were three times his size. They didn’t scare Harold! This LITTLE bully was my BIG pet. He would come when I called him, follow me around like a puppy and eat out of my hand when none of the others would. I shall miss him! He is survived by seven beautiful bantam ladies; eight larger hens and two relieved roosters.

Last Saturday morning, David Crager came in and picked up a cold biscuit from breakfast and smeared it with some of Terry Gipson’s homemade mayhaw jalapeno jelly. He ate, visited at the round table and left but later came back with his wife Lisa. David wanted Lisa to try the jalapeno jelly which she did and he’s hoping they will make their own later in the year. David was wearing his usual, overalls, but Lisa came in sporting a trendy black hat that David had bought her. The hat complimented her, her boots and jeans. That evening David and Lisa went to Ralph and Kacoo’s where they met her parents, Terry and Dale Grantham and her sister Marty and her daughter, Anna, from Jasper. Rayburn and Tina (Grantham) Hance were also there to proudly support and listen to their son, Marshall Hance, who was entertaining on the patio that night. Lisa shared that Marshall thoroughly enjoys being a full time musician after completing his education at SFA. He has a band and frequently entertains at two places in Nacogdoches and also in Dallas.

Andra (Willmon) Terburgh stopped by on her way back home after visiting with her mom, Billie Willmon in Diboll.  After graduating from DHS and AC Andra worked   at the East Texas Medical Center in Tyler for 18 years. During this time folks realized she had a talent for decorating and planning parties. When the owner of Kiepersol Restaurant, Winery, Bed and Bath in Bullard, Pierre DeWitt, was looking for someone to help market his new winery, someone gave him a napkin with Andra’s name and number on it. He called, they met and she was hired. One day while working at Kiepersol she met the landscaper/horticulturist from South Africa. She said he was wearing a backpack sprayer with shorts and rubber boots and had beautiful blue eyes. Their first date was in January for her birthday and in June they were married in the private family chapel at Kiepersol.  Johan assisted Marnelle De Witt, the owners’ daughter and winemaker for a while until he opened his own landscaping business in Tyler. Andra is a full time interior designer in Tyler except when she is taking care of their 12-year-old daughter, Olivia and 11-year-old Simon. She’s still planning parties too. Simon’s birthday party was January 20th and she planned his party for 25 boys that included games, dinner and a traditional sheath birthday cake.

Darryl Stanley came in to get feed and proudly shared that his granddaughter, Kate Sabesta, entered the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo’s Art Contest through her school. Kate got a blue ribbon but missed by one place getting to exhibit it in Houston but all the art pieces are displayed at the Museum of East Texas.

Mrs. James Adams from Lufkin was so happy to hear about Vetericyn, a medicine she is hoping will heal her little 12-year-old dog, Susi, as well as it did Andrea’s fingers. Andrea believes in this product from using it on two of her fingers that were busted open from a chute while working cows. She keeps it handy all the time.

Thomas Lowther came in wearing a sling after having shoulder surgery a month ago. He and his wife Renee are the original designers of the tee shirt he was wearing that tied on the side. Believe it or not, this actually slowed Thomas down but only for a short time. Earnest Rast came in and was also moving slow after a successful back surgery.

Mark Hafernick who grew up in Czech area around Prasek’s below Houston brought us some thick cut noodles and chicken seasoning from the Czech Bakery and suggested we try them. He told us how his grandmother made chicken noodle soup and Andrea tried it one day. It was truly delicious, everyone enjoyed it. Mark’s mother lives near Prasek’s.

Skeeter Scarborough spent the weekend with his son, Marvin, at the 6S Ranch that he owns about 5 miles out of Lindale in the Sandflat community. The 130 acre 6S Ranch is a wedding venue and shooting range. This past weekend 26 teams competed in a Chili Cook-off to benefit a friend who lost his house in a tornado.

It’s not too late to order smoked Pork Butts that will benefit Kim Baker Vann. Call David Lawson 936-676-0692; Shon Laird 936-240-2478 or Les Bradshaw 936-645-6676.

Chad Ward would like for everyone to know he has Border collie puppies for sale, just in time for Valentine’s Day. They are black and white and red and white. His number is 936-635-9735.

Valentine’s Day is approaching. You have an opportunity to treat your sweetheart to an evening of dining by candlelight with great food and entertainment. The proceeds will benefit Project Graduation 2017. The event will be February 11th at 6PM in the Fellowship Hall at First Baptist Church in Diboll. You can dine in or carry out and choose between Rib Eye Steak and Grilled Chicken Brest. $25 per person or $40 per couple. For reservations or more information, contact: Ladonna Garza 635-4468 or Allison Amason 414-0145.

Come see us…’round the table.