February 17, 2014


What writer wouldn’t be pleased to know they have 22 million readers? Tracy (Maxey) Cox can say that after her thoughts were read on February 19th in the  Methodist daily devotional, The Upper Room. According to the Internet this little book has been translated around the world and has more than 22 million readers a day. Her devotional was taken from Matthew 17 about faith that can move mountains. Tracy’s application is different than most. “In my vision, I am pushing a wheelbarrow and carrying a shovel. I’m moving my mountain one rock at a time. If it is God’s will we can call on our faith in God’s power to move mountains, rock by rock.” That’s good!! Tracey’s proud parents are Clyde and Linda Maxey who raised her in the Diboll United Methodist Church. She is married to Jim Cox and they have two children; Kelsey, age 11 and Gavin, age 8. They live in North Ft. Worth and attend Alliance Methodist Church in Keller, Texas.

The most unusual Valentine’s gift would have to be Christi Quarles’. It seems Christi loves donkeys and hopes one day to own a real miniature donkey. So, on Valentine’s Day she was thrilled, even though it was “yard art”, to find a little white donkey in her flower bed.

The most thoughtful Valentine’s gift was for Darlene Kee when her husband Donnie prepared a candlelight dinner for two of filet mignon, baked potato and coconut pie for dessert. Donnie had been at the round table earlier in the day visiting with Woody Ingram and John Ralph about his gliding experiences. Valentine’s Day was absolutely beautiful and when asked, “Why aren’t you gliding today”, Donnie said, “I know better than to choose gliding over Darlene’s day.” Donnie Kee sold his insurance agency and is now fully and joyfully retired. For years he loved scuba diving and trained many people how to dive including Darlene who eventually loved it and actually chased a shark. Darlene does not share Donnie’s love for gliding. He keeps his glider near Katy and goes every opportunity he can. On his Facebook page, he has a short video from a camera inside the cockpit; it’s very impressive! Although he’s never had to use it, I heard him say, “Parachutes are required to be “repacked” every 180 days and replaced every 20 years”.

Enjoyed visiting with James and Amber Paulette from Angleton when they stopped by for him to buy a new Spin cast feeder. They are retired and came to “help out” at a ball tournament for their granddaughter who plays on Hudson’s Junior Varsity. Her parents, Bo and Paige Paulette were both having to work so her grandparents volunteered to work in their place. Before they left the store, James was surprised to see and visit with an old friend, Sandy Bate.

Andrea cooked a hefty amount of “Firehouse Spaghetti” one day; enough for the “Teacher Appreciation” meal at the high school and also for our lunch. Joining us for lunch that day was DOT Trooper Joe Cole who was off duty. Joe grew up in Beulah and enjoyed visiting at the round table with brothers, Barley and Dennis Lenderman, who also grew up in Beulah. They all reminisced about eating “moon pies” at C.B’s Grocery store. Tom Squyres was also sitting at the table and remembered the boys sitting in his lap when he played “Santa” at the Beulah Community Center.

Sue Baker also helped with the Teacher Appreciation dinner at the high school and after eating the Firehouse Spaghetti, came by later for the recipe.

Donnis Bergman, a 1942 graduate of Corrigan high school stopped by one cold day looking for an insulated vest. While visiting with him he said he remembered in his younger days coming to the Antler Hotel to dance with the pretty girls.

The DHS Alumni Association needs help in locating past DISD Employees. A reception to honor both past and present DISD Employees will be held on Diboll Day, October 4, 2014.  The event will precede the “All Years’ Reunion Dance. Please let the association know if you can provide addresses or contact information on any of the following employees. From the 60’s: John Beasley, Cecil Couch, Mary Christopher, Nancy Cummings, Saddie Davis, Vivian Hickerson, Lucy Hill, William Johnson, Mrs. Billy Latham, Raymond Manchester, Jerry Modisette, Claude Redman, Lynette Walker, Stephen Wheeler. Employees from the 70’s: Joe Barron, Pam Clayton, Barbara Hall, Mary Ann Hall, Kathryn Holberg, Lavine Howard, Maderia Latham, Taddy Maddox, Richard Sheridan, Gloria Singletary, Ginger Smith, Mylinda Smith, Chery Sutherland, Frances Terry, Gloria Webb and Alice Wyatt.

If you have information on any of these, please call Fran McClain 936-829-2779 or email her at franmc@consolidated.net or send her a message on Facebook.

Thursday evening, February 20th at 5:30 in the Temple Library, The Diboll Business Association invites everyone to attend the results of The Diboll Free Press’ “The Favorites of 75941 Survey”. The recipients of the awards will be announced with a reception to follow. Come find out “Who is the Favorite….”

Just have to brag a bit about my granddaughter, Hiliary Cheyenne Swor. I can’t believe she’s already 16 and a veteran at exhibiting her animals but her heifer named “Katniss” (from the Hunger Games) “brought home the bacon” for Cheyenne. At the San Antonio Stock Show “Katniss”, an American Registered Breed, was 1st in her Class; 1st in her Division and was Reserve Grand Champion winning a $10,000 scholarship for Cheyenne. We are very proud for her and her parents, Kevin and Andrea Swor.

Aran Greene and Dalene Merrel have been out in the county advertising the upcoming PINEYWOODS CHILDREN’S CONSIGNMENT SALE. It is a children’s clothing sale of gently used spring and summer clothes, shoes, toys baby furniture, nursery décor, outdoor play equipment, books, movies, maternity items and much more. So, shop and save on great deals at great prices. The event will be February 20-22 at Abrams in downtown Lufkin. Thursday and Friday 10AM-6PM and Saturday, 8AM-3PM

This Saturday, February 22nd is the date of Moye’s Catering Going- Out-of-Business Auction at their kitchen facilities on Highway 59. The auction will be from 10AM until 2PM and it will be the last time to enjoy some of Moye’s good BBQ as they plan to serve lunch.

You might want to mark your calendars on April 5th for the Angelina County Master Gardeners Annual Plant Sale which will begin at 8AM until 2PM at the Farmers Market on the loop in Lufkin. According to the member that sent me this notice, Carol Chalfant, it will be a good time to replace those plants that did not make it through our many freezes this year. I will remind you readers again as the time approaches.

A more recent date to remember is next Wednesday, February 26th if you need fingerlings to stock your pond. The Fish Truck will be in our parking lot from noon to 1PM.

Come see us…’round the table.