February 15, 2016


WOW! What an honor to share Best News Reporter/Columnist with Burlon Wilkerson. The award was from The Diboll Free Press’s “Best of 75941”. Thank everyone that voted this year and please note it says “News Reporter”. I would love for more and more people to call and give me “news” to report. People who read this column love to read about other people and what is going on in their lives. Please, please send me your news especially about people who live in Diboll or those who attended school or worked here and moved away. My email is sandra@poulands.com. Thank you again!

Former pastor, Jeff Stull, stopped by to visit us while on his way to a church conference. He is presently the pastor of Buna Methodist and was pastor at Diboll First Methodist from 2000 – 2007. He and his wife Debbie and son, Jacob were very active in our community. While here Jeff also served the Diboll Police department as their Chaplain. He had already visited with Police Chief Steve Baker who was on staff during that time. Jeff had already been to the History Center to catch up with happenings with Louis Landers and Patsy Colbert before arriving at the round table. We enjoyed reminiscing while he ate a piece of cake; he always loved Geraldine’s bread pudding with her special sauce. Debbie had given him instructions to be sure and visit the Temple Credit Union where she worked when they lived in Diboll. Jeff and Debbie are busy helping with wedding plans for Jacob who plans to marry next September in Round Rock at the Rabb House. Jacob met his bride-to-be when he went to work as part of the Dell Global Security Team.

As Jeff was about to leave he shared a story about a family in his congregation while serving a church in Alba-golden, Texas. The Musgraves family came to church with a young pre-teen daughter who would bring her karaoke machine and sing specials at church. As she grew older she continued to sing more and more and today you may recognize her as the Grammy Award Winning Kacey Musgraves from Mineola. One of the best stories about Jeff Stull is when he was new to Diboll and came to drink coffee. John Ralph introduced Jeff to Charles Wilson who was sitting at the round table. We all smiled and snickered as Jeff sat down, he asked, “And what do you do, Mr. Wilson?”

Last Tuesday, Feb. 9th, Jayla Finley, a fifth grade student took Mrs. Miller’s place as principal of intermediate school for the day and Aiden Morris, a first grade student took Mrs. Dover’s place as principal for the day on the elementary campus. Mrs. Dover and Mrs. Miller let them do several activities that they enjoyed. These two got this honor because their great grandmother, Sandy Hendrick, won the silent auction bid last Feb. at the Black Tie Bingo Dinner. Mrs. Dover and Mrs. Miller offered this as a silent auction to raise money for the Boy’s and Girl’s Club. Black Tie Bingo is Sat. Feb. 20th look for this item on the silent auction list and bid for your child to be Principal for a Day. There is a possibility that Mr. Martel will have an auction item for your child to be Superintendent for a Day.

Congratulations to Don and Sandy Hendrick on their 53rd wedding anniversary this week. We attended their wedding but it certainly doesn’t seem like it should be that many years ago. Where does the time go?

Alice (Davis) Kilgore’s 80th birthday was February 8th but none of her family said anything until they surprised her and Ray at home last Saturday by bringing lunch and a birthday cake with 80 candles! Their daughter-in-law, Nelda, had come to visit and all of a sudden the house filled with well wishes bringing food to celebrate Alice’s birthday. Those attending included Nelda’s children: Gloria and Casey Dunlap and son, Garen; Michael and Allissa Kilgore with their three children, Cassidie, Tristan and Nicholas. Alice’s daughter, Dianna & Ino Perez and their daughter, Katie. Daughter-in-law, Billie Ann and her son and daughter-in-law from the Spring area; Patrick and Linda and two sons, Wyatt and Rieley. Billie’s daughter Alicia Hernandez and children; Allee, Zack and Maddy and Megan Baldree. On Friday morning Alice and her sisters, Ruby and Annis, did their traditional birthday breakfast at IHOP with her husband Ray Kilgore and brother-in-law, Joe Goins, also attending. In July, Ray and Alice will celebrate their 62nd wedding anniversary.

Spring will be here before we know it, hope you will come by Pouland’s and let Andrea help you with whatever you need to get ready for Spring. Our bulk vegetable seeds are here plus seed potatoes, fertilizer, etc. Some that came in to buy potatoes were Roy Smith, Raymond Bounds, Robert Stephenson and Keith Spencer. Wanda Torbert was happy to be out and about after being sick and confined to her home since December. She was beginning to get spring fever and depending on her sons, Mark and Tommy to help get the garden ready. She also enjoyed visiting with a former DHS classmate, JoNell Placer, who was visiting at the RT.

The FISH TRUCK will be in our parking lot on March 2 between noon and 1PM for those that want to stock your ponds. They will have channel catfish, bass, crappie, bluegill and minnows and more.

Beginning in March Vintage Blooms will serve sandwiches, baked potatoes and homemade cupcakes for lunch. Vintage Blooms is located in J.R.’s Barn about 1 mile north of Diboll. It is also a florist, gift shop and antiques. Miss McGillicuddy’s unique boutique is now open in the building that was formally Simple Simon’s.

Margie Bass is always doing for others and we appreciate her thoughtfulness in baking and bringing us homemade cherry muffins to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Sunday evening at 7:30 in the Lottie and Arthur Temple Civic Center, the Temple Library is sponsoring “Voice from the Past” with Hope Shiver. FREE soup, cornbread and desserts will be available.

Send or call me your news and come see us…’round the table.