April 18, 2016


His & Hers Trade Days is celebrating 3 years of being in the community.  Countless miles have been traveled to find treasures for customers.  From the barns of east Texas to the Mississippi River in Iowa David and Charlotte (Morris) Carter have sought to find things that are unique and catch our eye.  They feel blessed to have found goods in Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, Illinois, Kansas, Virginia, Indiana and Iowa. Charlotte said, “A “pick” that comes to my mind was right here in Joaquin, Texas.  We got a lead of an old farm that had been left a few years back and the family was trying to clean it up. There were five out buildings most of which had not been opened in several years.  There we found an old North Judd spur probably from the early 1900’s. We never found the match to it and gave it to the owner who was assisting us. This pick was a lot of primitive handmade items which are not so much valuable for profit as the value in just being able to see the handmade cuts in the wooden tools.   It is our customers that we enjoy as much as our treasures.  We meet people from all over the United States and even other countries.  Our 10’ chicken went to Mississippi and just this last week two of our oil and gas signs went to Ohio.  We capture a lot of traveling folks and many drive at least 2 hours to shop.  In order to keep fresh items in the store David picks 2 – 3 days a week plus we continuously have people bringing stuff in. We are always on the look for antique and vintage items!” Don’t forget to stop by and browse this weekend, April 22-24, and let them know how much we appreciate their business being here.”

On Saturday April 16th, the DHS Class of 1976 held a 40th reunion at the home of Tom and Marty (Grumbles) Harris. Everyone enjoyed seeing each other and catching up on life events. Those in attendance from the Diboll/Lufkin area included Donna (Allen) and Larry Jansen, Cindy Grandgeorge, Jimmie Lee (Harris) Porter, Mona (Kilgore) Adams, Shirley (Porter) Smith, Lisa (Grantham) Crager; Dennis Lenderman and wife Karon, Bobby Porter and wife Nelda, Dianne (Parrish) Ulmer and hubby Kurt, Patsy (Rush) Colbert and hubby Bobby. Out of town attendees were Jean (Sheddan) Branton from Farmersville, LA, Delia (Guerrero) Lopez and hubby Gilbert from Pharr, TX. Teachers in attendance were Bettye Greer, Garvis Baldee, Ann (English) Richardson, Mary Ingram, Fran McGilvra and former DHS band director, Judy Ellison from San Antonio. Charlotte Morris-Carter (class of ’77) and hubby David came by. Fajitas were catered by Los Jarritos and one of Fran McClain’s awesome cakes was there for dessert. A prayer was given by Larry Jansen to bless the food and to remember the classmates that are no longer here.

Earl and Joyce Carr traveled with Patsy Weaver and 16 others members of the Huntington Home Town Travelers Club to Louisiana on a chartered bus and spent four nights in Baton Rouge. On the way, the group stopped in DeQuincy and visited a railroad museum. While in Baton Rouge, they toured the state capitol and the Louisiana State Museum. Another day was spent touring two beautiful plantation homes; Houmas House and Oak Valley. This group even took a swamp tour and observed alligators up close and watched a raccoon named “Bonnie” follow them along the bank of the swamp. One day was spent in New Orleans attending a cooking school. They watched as the chef prepared some of Louisiana’s favorite foods that included Cajun Jambalaya, Etouffee, bread pudding and pralines. Everyone was invited to eat and received copies of the recipes. A tour of the French Quarters was seen from a carriage pulled by mules. Earl said he saw sights there that I shouldn’t write about. A native tour guide took them to visit the Mardi Gras House where the huge floats are made and shared Louisiana customs about beads in the oak trees and the story about the Lazarus Fern. On the trip home, the group stopped in Lake Charles and bragged about the po’boy sandwiches at Darrel’s. It was a good but tiring trip for Earl.

Joyce and Earl were also proud to announce their grandson, Jimmy Carr, made the fall 2015 Dean’s List at Angelina College and was inducted into the Upsilon Rho Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa and Who’s Who at Angelina College. He and others were recognized at the recent Honors and Awards Ceremony at the Temple Theater. Jimmy’s parents are Ray and Cathie Carr of Pollok.

Keith Dover was tickled to find some obsolete lawn mower blades stored in a back room here that fit his Farm King mower. Keith had searched everywhere, even on E-bay and found it at the Everything Store. He also reported that his dad, Carroll Dover, was coming home the next day after completing successful rehabilitation at Castle Pines. Keith and his brother Gary had already planted his garden with a push planter and promised their dad he could plow it with his tractor. Their mother Ann was tired of the daily trips to town and is extremely happy to get Carroll back home.

Dianne Gibson has celebrated another birthday. Mike treated her a new washer and dryer because he said the old dryer was shrinking his clothes. He also gave her a “walker” to sit on when she got tired of following him and promised her a new water heater in a few days. Dianne is always happy, in a good mood and is definitely a good sport; not many women would appreciate the items she received as “birthday” gifts.

Glen Shivers came in with his son Mike to buy feed and said he was so happy to be able to get off the porch. Glen is doing well after having by-pass surgery. Ira John Williams joined the round table Saturday morning and was in town to carry his mom, Vera Jones, back home with him for her to see the bluebonnets in the Hill Country. It was good to see George White now that he has retired. Saturday morning he and a neighbor of his from Apple Springs, Roy Tullos, unloaded a couple of pretty mules and hitched them to a good looking trail wagon. They waited here and joined about 40 others on a trail ride to the Henderson Expo center promoting the rodeo that will be April 20 – 23rd.

There will be a very special prom for the seniors at Trinity Mission this Saturday, April 23rd at 5PM and everyone is invited to come and enjoy this fun occasion.

Enjoy your week and come see us…’round the table.