April 13, 2015


To err is human! I suppose it is good to know I am human because I really messed up in this column last week. Some of you certainly realized that Isabel Hardy is married to Wayne, not Frank! My apologies to Wayne and Isabel.

Wayne and Isabel will be spending time on the road this weekend near Tomball driving their award winning 1972 MGB Roadster. This is part of the Texas Tour made up of classic cars that are at least 25 years old. The tour will be all day Friday and part of Saturday and the awards will be on Sunday. Sure hope they come home with another trophy.

I also need to correct another error concerning what I wrote about Kathy Rodgers who was in town visiting with friends. Kathy has a big heart for helping people and I gave her credit for organizing Christmas Blessings which was actually the dream of three local United Methodist churches: Diboll, Burke and Ryan Chapel. It is a wonderful ministry that reaches hundreds in our communities.

The First Apostolic Church in the Burke area has a new project. Selling Bountiful Delight Cookbooks filled with delicious recipes. Cookbooks available here at Pouland’s and also at the Temple Library. The cost in $20. For more information contact Irma at 829-5760.

It was fun helping ex wrestler, Nick Mitchell, with selecting seeds for a garden that he and his grandfather, Glenn Shivers, are planting in Burke. Nick lives in The Woodlands and is very passionate about planting and eating organic foods. He realizes most of the food we eat is full of preservatives which are very unhealthy. He has learned to cook healthy meals, buying fresh food in quantity and preparing meals for friends who don’t have time or enjoy cooking. That’s why he is so interested in planting a garden and harvesting fresh food although he and Glenn debated the use of fertilizer. Nick works as a pharmaceutical salesman and is also very passionate about his prison ministry.

Nick, his brother Chad and mom, Sara, were in town for the wedding of their close friend, Joe L. After the wedding a group gathered at Glenn Shivers’ barn and enjoyed music until the wee hours of the morning. Good friends, Chris Wells and Chad Mitchell, provided most of the music that was enjoyed by Nick and Sara Mitchell, Mike and Rhonda Shivers, Glenn and others. Chad and his wife live in San Antonio where both of them are Financial Advisors for Merrell Lynch.

Most of our new customers can’t help but comment on the large double barrel shotgun that hangs behind the counter in our store. Glendyl “Rabbit” Griffith recognized the “shotgun” and said he made the trigger guard on it during the time he was a blacksmith at the paper mill. The gun was designed for a BBQ pit for the “Double Barrel Gang”. Creative carpenters made the stock and the barrels are PVC pipes. We are happy to have the conversation piece thanks to Thomas Anderson.

Our caladium bulbs have arrived. Mary Ingram is usually first to buy and gets a whole box. She told me most people plant caladium bulbs about Mother’s Day. Her dad used to start bulbs in the greenhouse for her so they would already be in bloom when she planted hers around Mother’s Day. Her neighbors, Joe Gage and Mark Hafernick, have also been in to buy caladiums. The hummingbirds have arrived and we have a selection of new feeders. The mosquitos are plentiful and we have the stuff to get rid of them. George DuVall along with lots of folks was been in buying garden seed. Skeeter Scarborough was looking over our selection of bedding plants and flowers. Polly Leavell was in buying local honey to help with the miseries of allergies.

For those of us born in Camden, Texas or lived in and around the thriving community, there is a Camden Homecoming, Saturday April 18th 10-4 at the Pine Grove Church on FM 62, near the site of Camden. Bring a picnic lunch and lawn chair and enjoy listening to the “good ole days, when…”

The Angelina County Extension office is presenting the “Do It Yourself” series on Home Orchards, Monday April 20th at 6:30 at the Extension office .Guest speaker will be Greg Grant, lecturer in the School of Horticulture at SFA. The cost is $10. For more information call 634-6414.

The Diboll Business Association and Diboll ISD is sponsoring the Red and White Scholarship Bingo on May 2nd 6:30 – 8:30 at the Lottie & Arthur Temple Civic Center. Concessions will be furnished by 2015 Project Graduation parents and students. 10 games valued at $100 each.

Diboll PTSA is having a “Fundraising at Panda” in Lufkin, April 22nd 4:30 – 8:30. The Panda Express is located near Sam’s Club in Lufkin.

J.R.’s Barn is open Thursday and Friday at 6 PM serving crawfish, fried and boiled shrimp, fried catfish and steaks. Come by and browse through Vintage Blooms’ gift shop, florist and antiques.

Don’t forget this Saturday, April 18th is the big day for Operation Clean-Sweep and the Texas Trash Off. The past events have made improvements on 88 homes with more than 1400 volunteers. Volunteers are needed to work. Contact Fran McClain 829-2779 or Elvia Esteves-Garza at 829-4757.

Come see us…’round the table.